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Accelerated Mobile Pages Validator 100% Fixed

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Accelerated Mobile Pages Validator

  • Introduction
  • How to Use the AMP Validator
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Error > Unknown syntax error
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Error > Invalid attribute value
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Error > Prohibited attribute
  • Common Errors

In my last article with the title What is AMP page, I already provide a detailed introduction about the accelerated mobile pages, but in a concise, we will discuss some topics of AMP. As page speed matters for SEO as well as the visitor of a website, but after editing the .htaccess file and doing a lot more coding part the website owner doesn’t achieve the page speed that they want so that their website can be loaded fast which will directly increase their visitors.

Mobile device users are increasing rapidly and even the searches coming from this device are in more number compare to computers, but the fully loaded pages with scripts are not loaded fast on mobile devices.

To overcome this issue the new technology is introduced known as ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES or in short as AMP. How AMP works will lead the webpages to the stone age that is to the core of HTML because it will deprive the web pages of the essential HTML code. This essential HTML code will be responsible for opening web pages faster than its usual loading speed.  


  • On your Chrome Browser, open the AMP URL that you created. Example: .
  • Add #development=1 at the end of your amp page. Example:
  • Right, click the page with the #development=1 on the URL, then look and click the Inspect option. Please see the screenshot below.
  • Click the “Console” tab. Please see the screenshot below. You will know that you’ve successfully opened the right console or implemented AMP-HTML when you see this message “Powered by AMP ⚡ HTML – Version Number”

If your AMP page is having any error then in the console box you will see the related error with red logs:

AMP error in Chrome console

TIP: You can click on a specific link on the logs to trace or locate the HTML tags that were causing the error.

Chrome console AMP log
  • Don’t forget to visit this page to the required tags:

OK, we are done with the validation and the debugging process of the newly introduced technology AMP. But AMP is not known to every blogger or every website owner can’t apply this. But slowly it will be familiar with every developer and coder, you can use the WordPress plugin for AMP – In my next article, I will explain to you how to use AMP WordPress Plugin and how to validate AMP pages with WordPress Plugin.

Aasim Sheikh
Aasim Sheikh
CTO at SyncSaS Technologies

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