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2 Skilled Steps to Add Facebook Reactions to WordPress Posts




Add Facebook Reactions to WordPress Post to give more reasons to Facebook users, Facebook recently launches new feature which will change the way you used the LIKE button. Now Facebook user can Like any post,photo,Feed,etc with different reaction and like is one of from it. Like, Love, HaHa (Happy), WOW, SAD, ANGRY are the five different reactions which can be used to express for any Feed on Facebook.

Do you think this Facebook reaction should be in your WordPress post, then you must continue with this article as I described the stepwise way to integrate Facebook reaction in WordPress posts? Actually, Facebook reactions are the emotional feedback which will provide the exact information from your blog visitor about the post.

How to insert Facebook reactions in WordPress Posts

Expressing your feeling in different ways always make you fill good, on the same concept the recent feature by Facebook is helping it’s user to express what the exactly think for the content on Facebook.

Now you can add the same Reaction for your WordPress website, however, this new feature is not available for the WordPress sites. But you can avail this by using Facebook like button WordPress plugin.

Facebook like button WordPress plugin will help you to add the same functionality of Facebook reactions button to your WordPress blog/website posts.

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How to set up Emotional Reactions in WordPress

As the Facebook reactions feature works only when the hover is effective on your website to do so you have to first install and activate the DW Reactions plugin, if you are the beginner and don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin then you can read my article – How to install WordPress plugin.

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When the plugin is activated, move to the Settings » Reactions page to customize the plugin settings as per our need.

TIP: Make sure that you have unchecked the option that makes it only visible to logged in and registered users (Users must be registered and logged in to add reaction).

For automatic display of reactions in your blog posts, check the boxes next to Show reactions button and Show reactions count options.

Add Facebook Reactions to WordPress

Add Facebook Reactions to WordPress
Add Facebook Reactions to WordPress

By default, the plugin allows registered and logged in users to react. You can change that by unchecking the box next to ‘Users must be registered and logged in to add reaction’ option.
After that click on the Save changes button to store your plugin settings.
You can now visit your WordPress website to see the plugin in action.

The above customization will make ‘Facebook Reactions for WordPress Website’ feature available for every posts and page if you want to show reactions on selected posts and pages then disable automatic display by unchecking the first two options in the plugin settings.

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To use Facebook reaction on selected posts and pages you have to use [reactions] shortcode where you want to display reactions.

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Task completed ! I hope my article will help you to add Facebook reactions to your WordPress website posts. If you love my article then please share with the world and don’t forget to subscribe to SyncSaS on different social networking platforms.

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  1. i get that these are reactions. are they just an imitation of the facebook ones, or are they actually linked to a facebook page?

    • Facebook page? Actually when you use this WordPress plugin for your website. You have to enter your Facebook App credentials. So whenever anyone use any reaction for your website POST, then its obvious that it will be counted in the Facebook( If you share same URL on facebook then you can check that reactions).

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