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Expert Android Application IDE

Android Application IDE popularly used as Integrated development environment is a platform or I can say a helper which help the programmer to code any software with different facilities, which make easy for the programmer to develop software.

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Basically, a normal IDE consist of source code editor, build to check code and debugging tool, etc.

What are Android Application IDE?

In my knowledge and the IDE which I know for android are 20 in numbers, with different support and facility every IDE work differently to develop .apk android file. (.apk) is an extension of the android application file, when the coding part is completed in every IDE we have to create the .apk file of our project to upload our android application on Google Play store or any other application hosting service.

Android App IDE by Google

Android Studio and Android NDK (Native Development Kit) are two IDE provided by Google for the programmer, both of them work differently as Android Studio can be used for coding in different programming languages, especially for JAVA and XML. But on another hand Android NDK allows programming in  C and C++ reducing your time f you are not familiar with JAVA, I never used Android NDK to develop any Android application. My opinion will be to use Android Studio which is the best IDE for Android App development and even google don’t recommend Android NDK for general App development.


Best IDE for Android Development

It was my college project in the final year and as I have a habit to learn every time new things, selected project based on android app even was not knowing anything about android app development. Finally, after searching about the IDE  I got to know that Android Studio is the best IDE which provides customizing each and everything.

Android Application IDE

Activity are coded in JAVA and Layouts are created by using XML in android Studio, it provides some drag and drops feature for layouts. Hope you will love to start your android app development in Android Studio, there are different IDE available which may lead you away from basic coding.

List of Alternative Android App Development IDE

  1. AIDE (Android IDE)
  2. Application Craft
  3. Basic4Android
  4. Cordova
  5. Corona
  6. Intel XDK
  7. IntelliJIDEA
  8. Kivy
  9. MIT App Inventor
  10. Monkey X
  11. MonoGame
  12. MoSync
  13. NS BASIC
  14. PhoneGap
  15. RAD Studio XE
    Object Pascal, C++
  16. RFO Basic
  17. RhoMobile Suite
  18. Telerik
  19. Titanium
  20. Xamarin
Mobile app development ide

So, the article on this topic can be no limit I can write more on different IDE but I only suggested the best one if you love programming and also listed other IDE which provided drag n drop option to create android apps without any knowledge of programming.

Aasim Sheikh
Aasim Sheikh
CTO at SyncSaS Technologies


  1. i am also using android studio, but some time’s i think there should be such IDE that one should code and it should be for every platform

  2. i am also using android studio, but some time’s i think there should be such IDE that one should code and it should be for every platform

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