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How to Develop Android Apps For WordPress website

It may be a dream of every WordPress website owner to have their own Android Application for WordPress website, they may find Android App developer to make this true. But after reading this article with crafted tutorial to convert website to App, the Website owner can turn the website into a mobile app with following easy guide for Creating Android Apps.

Tools Required For developing Android Apps

If you are not the developer and don’t have the knowledge of coding then you must go through the basics of Java language, XML, Php. You don’t have to be an expert Android developer, as you are already reading an expert tutorial for Android App just follow each and everything with exact way as I describe in the article.


Android Studio Tool for App development

To start with Android App development you must have Android Studio installed in your system with latest Platform and Plugins updated, to Update your Android Studio to latest Version you can go to the HELP option in the TOOLBAR to check whether your Android tool is updated or need to be. One more important thing is to install all different Android Version supporting libraries, which can be done from SDK manager. Use SDK manager in the android studio to see which supporting libraries need to be updated and the new libraries for upcoming android version are ready to get install on your Android Studio Tool.

TIP: Download Android Studio Tool from Google Official Android website and follow the Guide to install on your system ( Computer ). If you need any help in downloading Android Studio for your computer or having any problem in installing then comment, I will provide you precise solution for your query.

WordPress Plugin for Android App

Actually, this WordPress plugin will not convert your WordPress website to Android App, but it will play a vital role in developing customize the android app for your website hosted on WordPress. Install and activate plugin Jetpack by and when the plugin is activated move to Settings of the plugin and search for JSON API option and click on Activate. ( see details in below-illustrated image )

Activate JSON API in Jetpack Plugin

Now as the JSON API is activated you will have the URL which will be used while developing Android App for your website the URL is in-place of your site domain write WordPress website domain. You have to paste this link in String which will fetch the content data and display on XML files of Android App.

Create Android App for WordPress Website

I had developed Android App for my client website, you can use this App to know how the app functions – go to play store and search NagpurTime News to install App on your android device.

You have to create a number of java files for the functioning of the app, you can create different category layouts so that your website content will be display in category form.

WordPress Website Android App

So, if you want coding part of an android application for WordPress website then you can comment on your requirements. As sharing my hard work of coding here is not good for me, so I will email you complete android project and if want to hire me for customizing WordPress website android app then it will be awesome.

WordPress website Android App tutorial

WordPress website Android App tutorial

The WordPress part in this tutorial is explained, the coding part is for the Java coders who can understand the coding to develop Apps. I will give you hint to developed your own app, the java code is the combination of WEB-VIEW, INTERNET CONNECTION CHECKER, LIST VIEW, NAVIGATION DRAWER, HTTP REQUEST and XML files to design app.


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