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Speedy Approve Facebook instant articles in 1st Attempt

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Approve Facebook instant articles which is recently launched with new technology known as a Facebook instant articles, this technology is used to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook by a publisher. It is fast and responsive technology to display article 10 times faster than the standard mobile web, you can publish any type of article, from daily news to long-form features. Instant Articles integrate seamlessly with your current workflow, using existing production tools along with standard HTML and RSS feeds.

What Facebook has to say about Facebook instant article technology ” With Instant Articles, publishers are in control. You decide what to publish. Sell ads in your articles and keep the revenue, or take advantage of Facebook Audience Network to maximize total revenue. Earn traffic credit through attribution providers and leverage your own analytics tools. Customize your articles and News Feed previews to match your brand identity.  “

Facebook instant articles

Approve Facebook instant articles

Facebook plan to open up the Instant Articles program to all publishers on April 12 at this year’s F8 conference. So, you have to wait for using this technology and be ready as per the documentation of Facebook instant article. How to apply your website for Facebook Instant article will be solved below with simple lines which will help your website to gain more traffic as it will open 10 times faster than the usual mobile browser.

Apply to become an Instant Articles publisher

If you apply for Instant article published before 12th April 2016, then you will get the same reply from Facebook as I get which is ” Thanks for your interest in Instant Articles. We plan to open up the Instant Articles program to all publishers on April 12 at this year’s F8 conference. ” So, I will suggest applying for Instant article published after the conclusion of Facebook F8 conference. You have to ping to How to Apply to become an Instant Articles publisher fill the form with required details and further information of approved or disapproved will be mail to the email address which you had provided while filling the form.

Navigate to your Facebook Page and access Publishing Tools

Navigate to Production under the Instant Articles section

Click on the Set-Up button

Copy this unique RSS feed

Here you had done with the Facebook instant article publisher, if you find anything annoying in the article then comment with your query.

You can optimize your website Instant Article to earn more just by reading this article Content Optimization to Increase Instant Article Earning.

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Get Instant Approval for Facebook instant articles
Get Instant Approval for Facebook instant articles
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