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How to increase Facebook Page likes using Merge 7 Mar

How to increase Facebook Page likes using Merge

It's nearly 4 months completed for FACEBOOK PAGE MERGE is launch, the true use of this feature is to merge your old page with the new page having identical attributes like PAGE NAME, PAGE CATEGORY, etc. Facebook page admins are using merge technique officially when admin is having two Page and a there subject is…

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How to change facebook group name after 5k members 7 Mar

How to change facebook group name after 5k members

CHANGE FACEBOOK GROUP NAME Learn HOW TO SETUP FACEBOOK GROUP then read this article. You can only change the name of the Facebook group if you are the admin of that GROUP and fewer than 5000 members. For privacy restriction, Facebook doesn't allow admins to change the group's name when the group reaches 5000 members…

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How to setup facebook group 7 Mar

How to setup facebook group

ADD 5000 FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK GROUP Eureka, this will change your Facebook presence after reading our new ideas on old Facebook features. You might have your own group or may be the admin at any group, but lagging in terms of members of the group. Why No one is interested in joining your group and…

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What is AMP page ? 3 Mar

What is AMP page ?

Website development is turning more technical concept day by day because of regular update in SEO algorithm by giant Google search engine. SEO expert has to update its knowledge with changing time with various algorithms basics, ¬†as Search Engine Optimization is important for every search engine. So, don't be lazy and start earning every update…

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Turning to Original Content 1 Mar

Turning to Original Content

Are we Original ? What I am talking about, yes this may be questioned arise in your mind. Actually, i am a complete package of IT company because of my developing skills to designing skill. But one major drawback I am going through is lacking in writing content and it took years to understand me…

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