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Budget Web Development Possibilities

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An effective B2B website is designed to generate awareness, acquire prospects, nurture prospects, and qualify sales-readiness along your ideal customer’s buyer’s journey. And as companies plan their digital marketing budgets for the new year, we’re often asked “How much should my B2B website budget be when rebuilding for lead generation and B2B best practices?”. Let’s look at how much you should allocate for your B2B website budget and highlight some costs that you may not have considered yet.

Budgets. Everyone knows how important they are and how vital it is to stick to one. When budgeting for custom web design and development, businesses small and large rely on the project manager’s estimations regarding timelines and costs. Since every custom project is by definition unique, there is no magical estimation formula that applies, even for design projects that appear to be very similar. But there are certain events that seem to consistently push a web design and development project over budget, and being aware of these items may help you recognize them and take steps to avoid them before they wreak havoc on the project’s bottom line.

Implementation & Production

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Projects can consist of multiple phases: front-end design & development, back-end integration & development, content porting, quality assurance, testing & deployment. These are the budget minimums that NPG is currently accepting, please note that all budgets are not-inclusive of discovery and architecture fees:

WordPress+ / Open-Source CMS Design & Implementation: Projects start at $10,000 minimum budget. Optional modular editing software is an additional $5,000 head-start fee*.

Headless API Design & Implementation: $25,000 minimum budget.

Custom CMS Design, Development & Implementation: $40,000 minimum budget. Optional modular editing software is an additional $10,000 head-start fee*.

Commercial CMS Implementations: Enterprise implementation services vary depending on platform chosen and project specification.

UI/UX Design & Front-End Development: $10,000 minimum budget.

As a company specializing in ecommerce, we’re often asked, “How much do you charge to build an ecommerce website?” or “What is the basic cost of ecommerce website?” Over the past 10 years, we’ve cooperated with lots of ecommerce brands. We’ve designed hundreds of websites. Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this question. The cost of starting an ecommerce website is very subjective and the honest answer is quite obvious: it depends.

So, with websites. As you start to use your site you will have ideas and wants and needs. If you have started small, with a view to extending your site, these ideas can be embraced and your site will grow with you as your experience and that of your users illustrates what the needs really are. Change can now be embraced, nurtured and turned into features that both you and your users really love.

The irony is, that in most traditional projects, everyone is asked to do most of the planning, thinking and budgeting at the very outset – which is the point where everyone concerned has the least knowledge about the project, its constraints (both known and hidden) and its goals. This is essentially gambling and is fraught with the danger of failure.

Aasim Sheikh
Aasim Sheikh
CTO at SyncSaS Technologies

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