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Buy domain with GoDaddy Coupon at ₹99

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Buy domain with GoDaddy Coupon

Buying domain from any domain service provider may cost you average 11$ for 1 year, even if you buy the domain from Google which is only for USA users you have to pay 12$ same for 1 year.

Buy Cheap Domain Offer

Godaddy, Hostgator, Big-rock always provide different offers and off on purchasing new domain – If you are the new customer to any service then you will get huge discount’s offer. Every domain provider company want people to buy the domain from them, there may be the business strategy to give the offer for 1st year then they charge normal charges for a single year and if you don’t renew your domain with good traffic then company resell that domain with the high price in premium domain category.

How to buy domain from Godaddy

Buying domain is as simple as “Eating Pizza” but we enjoy pizza more if we get the huge discount, similarly if you get 90% off on domain then you might enjoy its taste for 1 year. So, to buy a domain from Godaddy you have to ping Godaddy then in the big search box enter the desired domain name without any extension. The list will appear with the availability/non-availability option, if the domain name is available then you can buy that domain.

0.99$ Godaddy Domain

Complete the required fields to buy the domain from Godaddy and as you are the new customer you will charge only 0.99$ for your first purchase. What if, you want to purchase one more domain with the same price because Godaddy doesn’t provide any offer to existing customer to buy the domain at 0.99$ for a year.

godaddy domain price

After finding and researching on GoDaddy function and its algorithm, I found one loophole in Godaddy and maybe this is hidden from the world. When you purchase the first domain from Godaddy they track your IP address and make you unable to buy a domain at such low price.

Godaddy Domain at 0.99$

If you want to buy Godaddy domain at 0.99$ always then you can follow my new lackey which will give you a complete relax to your pocket. Considering that you already purchase a domain from GoDaddy and want to buy any other domain with huge discount.

Create account in Godaddy

Make a fresh email id and create a new account on GoDaddy, you can use your old details too but if you don’t want to get confuse then enter any other details. Now in browser start incognito window and start GoDaddy and log in with new details, and search for the domain you want to buy and if a domain is available then start checking out. If you get automatically off on your new domain then continue buying with your bank details, but if you don’t get then use Godaddy Coupon for Domain that is  CJC99com this coupon will make your domain price 0.99$ for a year.

You can use your new domain on your old account if your hosting plan is on that account, to transfer your GoDaddy domain to other GoDaddy account read my next article How to transfer domain between Godaddy Account.

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Aasim Sheikh
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