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Buy Godaddy Webmail

GoDaddy business email price

Are you involved in serious business and don’t have your business email id then you have to think once again about your business online presence? Having your business email will give your customers expect to become your client without any hesitation. As customers are likely to choose a business with a professional email address, the email address of your business with or will help you to connect with clients.

Web mail promote Website

Every time you send emails to a client with a professional email id having the domain name in it will in-courage your clients to visit a website. It will help to increase your email marketing without paying more to any other company and direct traffic to your website will increase. You can create more email addresses (alias) for different departments of your company like, – all these email addresses will be in the same email inbox and it will look cool even more professional.

Godaddy provides two different features for Business email addresses one is Workspace email and another one is OFFICE 365. I will discuss the difference between both of them in detail and which one you should use and why.

Business Email Address

If you have the domain name from GoDaddy then you might have 2 free email domains, you can use this free company domain email address for your company but there are a few limitations. Like you can only create two free email addresses with a domain and if you want to create more domains then you have to move to the OFFICE 365 plan.

Personal Email domain name

Free email domain name for your personal use is good as it’s free and helps you to connect with your clients and make your business professional. Free email with domains are limited when your business is small and for personal use, but if you are having thousand of subscribers then you should move to OFFICE 365.

How to use Business Email address for Domain name

In this article, I will guide you to create the business email address for your domain name in GoDaddy, what do you have to do? First, buy a domain name from GoDaddy you can read How to buy domain name my article if you don’t know to buy the domain name. Now login to your MY ACCOUNT page of GoDaddy, move to the WORKSPACE EMAIL section it will be like as below image.


Now click on Manage as shown in the illustrated image, as the next page is load click on the CREATE option available at the top navigation bar.

GoDaddy email login direct

GoDaddy email login direct

In the email, address field writes your desired business email address following your naked domain, for example, – fill Password and Confirm password with the password you want to put your email address. You can log in to your email address from LOGIN GODADDY WEBMAIL with the email address and password you just assign to your email address.

Godaddy OFFICE 365

Godaddy OFFICE 365 is an online tool similar to Microsoft office it comes up with different plans and features, you can create your email address and manage files, Skype, etc from one place. Creating a Business email address on OFFICE 365 is free from limitations you can create approximate 3000 email addresses for your company employees with individual email storage capacity.

You can buy Godaddy webmail and follow the documentation to set up an email address most of the setup is as similar to WORKSPACE EMAIL. If you need any help in creating the email address at Godaddy OFFICE 365 then comment with your query I will help you to make your business professional with the business email address.

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