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How to change Facebook Group name after 5k members

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Learn HOW TO SETUP FACEBOOK GROUP then read this article. You can only change the name of the Facebook group if you are the admin of it and have fewer than 5000 members. For privacy restrictions, Facebook doesn’t allow admins to change the group’s name when it reaches 5000 members to prevent abuse or misuse.

What, If you can?

Shock, you should be… because this is the frequently asked question to the FACEBOOK HELP TEAM but they will not give you any idea for this. But our coders with their regular hard work to make new things for users, come up with a new BUZZ which will make sure for a Facebook group admin to change group name even after 5000 members.


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Yes, one of our coders who is the admin of Facebook Group having 80k members make it possible to change the group name 3 times, HOW?

Some necessary things which you have to take in mind are that your group must be OPEN GROUP, then install FACEBOOK GROUP APP on your mobile phone. As you are an admin of XYZ group, open group privacy setting and change from OPEN GROUP to SECRET GROUP you will have 24 hours to revert changes and I will advise you to revert it as soon as your group name change.

change the Facebook group name

As your group is now SECRET then go to the CHANGE NAME option in the group setting Eureka now you will find that you can change your group name, change it and revert your group privacy option from SECRET GROUP to OPEN GROUP.

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