Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Change WordPress Website Domain without losing SEO

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When I start my blogging journey it was started with Google’s Blogspot, which provide free sub-domain, but when I grow up learning more about blogs and website. I decided to buy a custom domain for my blog. Changing the domain of our website affects SEO – resulting in 404 errors and many more issues can be seen in Google webmaster. In this article cum tutorial, we will learn how to change the WordPress website domain name without having any issues, especially with SEO.

What error usually comes when website domain change?

Ok, let us take an example of sharing any URL of your website on Facebook. That URL (content) may be reshared by many of your friends on Facebook. So, when you change your website domain, then the visitor from social networking sites where your website content is shared will receive 404 errors. But to overcome this and many such issues which come after changing website domain you can go through this tutorial.

Temporary effect on Site Traffic and Search engine ranking

Things to remember before you proceed!

  • Complete Backup WordPress Website.
  • Make a zip folder of your Media Folder.
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