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Chess game development in android studio

Chess game development in android studio
Chess game development in android studio

You can select your game level by increasing the star volume in the settings option. Also, you can check the set pieces details inside the settings options. This project is a multiplayer game that requires two players to play the game. Here you cannot compete with the computer in this project. The design of the project is simple and very attractive.

Coming to the programming section you will find that most of the set pieces’ moves are coded accurately. If you want to edit the source code then you have to open the Gradle files and you can make some of the minor changes in the project. If you want to change the whole game you can simply, do it from the java folder that contains the whole code of the project. This project will let you boost your coding skill.

If you go the conventional route, rather than trying to mimic human judgement, then You need to create a move generator, an evaluation algorithm, and a Minimax search with efficient pruning. You also need to be able to program the graphical interface and its controls … but that is the easy bit.

If you do a Google search you will find plenty of information on “programming a chess engine”

Why you would want to create a chess-playing program I cannot imagine. The strongest current chess engines now play consistently at a level that has rarely been attained, and never sustained, by any human grandmaster (i.e. FIDE 3000+)

A lot of the concepts and code that make that possible are proprietary and have been developed by many very smart people with large resources behind them over the last 50 years. Creating even a primitive engine will be a huge amount of work, and you are very unlikely to create anything that is even as strong as a human novice.