Thursday, February 9, 2023

Complete Guide to Install Windows 11 with issue fix

Hello everyone as you all know Microsoft has launched its new OS that is Windows 11 everyone is eagerly waiting to install windows11 OS but for Indians, the wait is up to the 5th of October after that user whose system has minimum requirement they can process to update.

Before proceeding let me tell you that if your system is 5 years old then hardly you can install Windows 11. The reason for this is TPM, whose full form is the Trusted Platform Model. TPM 2.0 is a physical chip that is installed on your motherboard. Laptops that came before 5 years, TPM was not available on that system, if you have a desktop, then maybe you can buy it and install it on your motherboard, but as the laptop is compact. There is no separate space where you can put any other chip in it, so you can hardly modify your laptop for TPM. Buy TMP 2.0 Chip

As every software has minimum system requirement, similarly for Windows 11 you can check this with the app called PC health check. You just have to install this app then it will check your computer hardware status and if everything is fine then you will get a green signal to update your Windows 10 to Windows 11 this will be free of cost if your Windows 10 is genuine.

Let us then start how to install Windows 11 in your system with the ‘Complete Guide to Install Windows 11’ tutorial, so from the beginning, we will cover one by one every topic, like what should be the system requirement and if something is missing then how should it be resolved.

Complete Guide to Install Windows 11

  1. Install PC Health Check Application

To check whether your system is ready for Windows 11, you need PC Health Check App, the application will have to be installed from Microsoft’s website, after installing this app, you have to log in to your Microsoft account. When you open this application, there you will find Introducing Windows 11 at the top, now click on Check Now button, a report will after be checking the hardware of your system, if all is well then you can process with windows 11 update.

In the system requirements report, you can see the different points for which your system is ready or it will have to be. For basic things like RAM, Processor, Processor clock speed, system hardware must be required. If not available, then you can upgrade with new hardware. Other points which can be solved by doing a few changes in system software will be discussed here.

Issue: This PC must support Secure Boot

What is Secure Boot? It is a type of security that is designed so that whenever your system is a boot, it will run only trusted software. Which is trusted is by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Prevents malicious software and malware from booting into your computer. When you enable this security, your system runs only drivers and software which is certified by Microsoft.

How to Enable Secure Bot: To enable Secure Boot, you have to go to the BIOS option of your system, for that turn of the f system and press the power button. At the t same time, you have to press the BIOS Setup key, which is different for every system. Then you will find the d BIOS Setup dashboard, there you can change security settings to enable Secure Boot. To do the stepwise we will discuss further.

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