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Configure Facebook instant articles in 5 Minutes

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Configure Facebook instant articles if you are new to Facebook Instant Articles? then go through following links before continuing to this article. How to create Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress Website I already write more about Facebook Instant articles but it was before 12th of April, but after this date, the instant article is available for all the publisher and even you don’t need to apply for it or no need to wait for getting approved from Facebook.

Configure Facebook instant articles
Configure Facebook instant articles

To setup Facebook Instant article service for your website, first, you need to have RSS feed of your website in the proper format as described by Facebook in the documentation of instant articles. If you are using WordPress then you can use WordPress Plugin for the Facebook instant article and this plugin will manage your RSS feed in a proper manner as the Facebook needs.

Configure Facebook instant articles

Sign Up for Facebook Instant articles

As from 12th of April after the Facebook F8 conference ends the Facebook has open its Instant article service for all the publisher in the world. So, now you just has to sign up for the Facebook Instant Article with the credentials of your Facebook account. You must have at least one Facebook page before starting with an instant article, if you don’t have your own Facebook page and want to create one then go to this Create Facebook Page and follow each and every step to have your active Facebook page.

Create Facebook Page
  • While signup for Instant article select the page for which you want to start this service.
  • Download Facebook Pages Manager on your iPhone or Android phone. Sign in with your Facebook account. Use the same account credentials used to access your Facebook Page settings.
  • Now Click on PUBLISHING TOOL option on your Facebook page, then move to the instant article setting in left side option panel.
Facebook instant article setting
  • Claim your website URL, for this add your website domain name and click on CLAIM URL. You have to add meta property in the header file of your website.
Claim website URL for Facebook instant article
  • Connect RSS feed for Instant Articles uses your website RSS feed in the production RSS feed and Development RSS feed.
Connect RSS feed for Instant Articles
  • Submit an instant article for review when the Facebook instant article was open for all the publisher at that time Facebook was asking for minimum 50 article for the review but now after few days they reduce it to 10 articles. If you have 10 article completed with instant article format then click on submit a review and after 24 to 48 hours you will be able to publish your instant article son your Facebook page. ( You can view the demo in the Facebook page manager App )
Submit instant article for review

Once your review is complete then you can publish by using the auto-publish option or you may do by yourself, enjoy Facebook instant articles on your page.

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