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Want to be Celebrity then Convert Facebook profile into Page in 3 Steps

Want to be Celebrity then Convert Facebook profile into Page in 3 Steps
Convert Facebook profile into Page

Are you tired of managing multiple Facebook profiles and a Facebook page for personal branding, then converting your Facebook profile into a Page? If you ask me the same question my answer will be YES, this was my story as I was having three different Facebook profiles and 7 different Facebook pages.

Even once I had mailed to Facebook help team to Start any service which can overcome such issue so that users like me have to spend less time on managing all the Facebook pages and profiles.

How to change a Facebook page to a business page

Usually, every blogger has two different Facebook profiles one is for family and friends and another profile is to connect with fellow bloggers and for sharing their blog content.

If you are thinking to close your Facebook profile or page just because you are not able to manage different Facebook profiles and pages then you don’t need to do this. Because deleting any one of them would lead to bringing your years of connections and thousands of subscribers to the thrash box.

Convert Facebook profile into Page

I would suggest you before migrating your Facebook profile to the Facebook page you must make an announcement and after 12 – 24 hours you can start the process. This will not make havoc for your friends that they are forced to like your page and they will fill their importance and would be happy to connect to your page.

Important things not to be forgotten before proceeding to Merge Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page:

  • Download your Facebook information
  • Convert Profile into the Page
  • Merge Two Facebook pages into one

One more thing is to back up your Facebook Profile this can be done as Go to Facebook and click on Dropdown > Settings and click on Download a copy of your Facebook data.

Convert Profile into the page:

Convert Facebook profile into Page
Convert Facebook profile into Page

Go to convert a Facebook profile to the page and in a further section, you can select which type of page want your profile to be. It would be good if you turn it to Artist, band & public figure page.

What Facebook has to say “Your profile picture will be used on your new Page, and all your friends will automatically become people who like your Page.  None of your other content will be moved over.  You’ll still be able to log into Facebook with your current email address and password.”

Now you are done with converting your Facebook profile into a Facebook page, if you want to merge your Facebook page to increase like then you can read my article How to increase Facebook Page likes using Merge.

Merge two Facebook pages with different names into one?

Merging Two different Facebook pages into one is a simple process and interesting too. Go to Merge Duplicate Page and select pages that you want to merge. In the first column (drop-down) select the page that you want to keep and in the second drop-down, you have to select the page which will be merged into the first page with all its likes and rating and reviews.

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Can you have a Facebook page without an account, yes for details you can read this article and you will get to know more things about a Facebook account and Facebook pages?

You will have both a Facebook profile and a Facebook Page after conversion. Based on your selections, your new Page will have the ability to retain:

  • Your profile picture, cover photo, and name from your profile
  • Your friends (as Page likes and Page followers), selected at your discretion
  • Your photos and videos (profile views and other metrics do NOT transfer)
  • Your verified status

Converting your Facebook profile into a Page is something that you shouldn’t sweat. Once you’ve followed these easy conversion instructions, you’ll be on your way to a better social media strategy and more connections with your customers and supporters.