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5 Hidden Treasure to develop Cross Platform Mobile App in Java

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Did you know that you can use Java to make a Cross-Platform Mobile App in Java? Yes, pinch yourself, you read that right the first time! I’ll teach you the basics of how to use your existing Java knowledge to create performant apps on Android and iOS in 12 easy steps. We will do this all using JavaFX as the GUI toolkit.

But first, some more foreground. You will need to meet the subsequent requirements to be able to build an application for both Android and iOS. However, if you do not desire to build an iOS application, you can feel free to develop it on any x64 bit machine that supports Java SE 8. This project will be a Git repository built with Gradle. But you do not need to create a Git repository.

Mobile applications are no longer a luxury but have become a necessity of day-to-day life. One of the biggest challenges that app developers faced before was creating applications that work well on multiple platforms. Not anymore; here we are sharing the top 9 cross-platform mobile app development tools that will help in designing cutting edge and productive apps in a short duration of time.

Cross Platform Mobile App in Java

cross-platform mobile development in java

The latest app code supports the concept of writing once, run anywhere (WORA). The developer writes code once on one platform and runs it on multiple platforms. The purpose of such tools is to save time and effort on the part of the developer. Developers can reuse the code and can design apps that can work efficiently on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and many more.

Xamarin has made it possible for the developers to design native apps for multiple platforms using only the C# code base. The tool allows developers to use the same IDE, language, and APIs everywhere. Xamarin cross-platform development has been adopted by big names like Microsoft, Foursquare, IBM, and Dow Jones. If a developer wants to use Ruby or C#, then it is one of the most suitable development platforms for them. Xamarin platform allows the developer to share code, which means an app can be created in less time and at a decreased cost.

Xamarin Android App Development

Cons: The free version of Xamarin offers limited features and it does not allow a developer to use open-source libraries due to compatibility issues.

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