Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Custom Bottom Sheet Layout Android

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Bottom Sheet is a really nice way to create improved UI and UX designs. They are used by almost all big applications out there, be it Uber, Google Maps, Google Docs and almost any other Google application. Android comes with built in support for making bottom sheets. We can make bottom sheets in two ways, we are going to see both in this tutorial.

As per the material design guideline for BottomSheet, there are two types of

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Modal bottom sheets: It Can be implemented using BottomSheetDialog or BottomSheetDialogFragment. Elevation is higher than the app. It is fundamentally acting as the dialog.
Persistent bottom sheets: It can be implemented using BottomSheetBehavior in conjunction with a CoordinatorLayout.

Persistent Bottom Sheet: This bottom sheet displays in-app content. It will be displayed at the bottom of the screen with some of its portion visible (we can define dimensions in dp), it shows full content after expanding it. It has a smaller elevation.

Let’s start to implement the first persistent bottom sheet.
After creating a new project, open build.gradle file in app level, add support design dependency because the bottom sheet is the component of android design support library.

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