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Develop Restaurant Android app with WordPress Backend

We are going to develop a restaurant App, which will be a perfect App for single Restaurant app where the user can go through food menu and order food as well as track food through this app.

It can be use for multiple purposes such as bakery app, dairy app, grocery app, e-commerce app, shop app, boutique app etc.

Eating is something that everyone loves to do, and what’s better than sitting in the comfort of your home, reading your favorite book, watching some show or film or just chilling with your family & friends and ordering food from your favorite restaurant at your fingertips with an app like Zomato.

Food delivery apps are a new rage, from restaurant owners making their own food ordering app for you to deliver food while sitting on your couch to services like zomato, foodpanda, swiggy which act as a collaboration platform between the restaurants and clients.

Who doesn’t have a dream of opening a food place, some restaurant which will only serve the food of their choice or a place which will serve food which is different than others and has a knack? Something with a difference.

This application is for the android platform in which you can manage all orders easily on your mobile, tablet or hand held devices. This application will work well on tablet or big screens devices which are generally used in restaurants. We have integrated the SDK of printer which can be connect with any bluetooth POS Printer. In this app owner can take order of the customer with the given food list and save it for future references. We have made the admin panel for the owner of this app who will add the categories, food, etc. to the panel.