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Develop a Stock Market App in Android

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As mobile apps have penetrated almost every industry, financial and stock sector is no exceptions. Traders and brokers are betting big on mobile devices due to unstoppable rise of users, now in millions. And even though most traders have been using mobile apps for long now, the possibilities to innovate and earn on broker apps. So a trading app like E-Trade or Stash could be your path to glory.

Mobile trading apps can be not just about news feed and conducting trades, but the whole trading experience in mobile. One could build app with various trading tools, multiple types of bids, charts, data research, and more. Already established financial apps like TD Ameritrade, E-Trade Mobile, Fidelity, OptionsHouse Mobile, Interactive Brokers are the ice-breaking examples.

Creating your Android application
The first thing we want to do is create our Android application. Open Android Studio and create a new application.

Enter the name of your application, StockExchangeApp, and then enter the package name, which is com.example.stockexchangeapp. Make sure the Enable Kotlin Support checkbox is selected, choose the minimum SDK, we chose API 19, click Next. Choose an Empty Activity template and click Finish.

Once you have realized your app for monitoring the stock market can be a huge success, it is high time for you to define your target audience. Considering the stats we have mentioned, you are supposed to target people aged 30-40 who are constantly in search of new ways to bear fruit and make extra cash with minor risks.

As a rule, those folks are not devoted moneymakers. They simply want to have a reliable financial background until they retire. Professional traders and stock brokers may form another group of your target audience. They may seek for better trading conditions, as a few brokers and websites really try to meet their expectations.

Check out the following list of major problems both investors and independent stockbrokers may face. Your stock marketing investment application may turn out to be their problem solver.


In this post, we have learned how to leverage the power of Pusher to create powerful engaging applications.

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