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The Mi Home Security Camera 360 is capable of recording 1080P videos and can turn its head 360 degrees to give you a wide view of your surveillance area. However, it is a wired solution and can easily be plugged out to avoid monitoring.

Xiaomi’s Mijia ecosystem, sold mainly in China, consists of a wide range of smart home devices including everything from washing machines to smart cameras. The Mi Home Security Camera 360° falls into the latter category and is one of the few products from the ecosystem to have launched in India. It has an appealing design and a tonne of features including live audio talkback and AI motion detection, but is the Mi Home Security Camera 360° actually worth buying, and how does it fare in day-to-day usage? Read on to find the answers in our in-depth Mi Home Security Camera 360° review.

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The Mi Home Security Camera Basic also comes with a talkback feature which improves the overall voice calling experience. Xiaomi explains that the talkback feature “upgrades the voice call experience with a full duplex voice call design. Communicating via cell phone is sure to feel like you are right there with your family.”

It also comes packed with picture-in-picture mode which lets users keep a check sleeping baby while watching movies or playing video games on phone. The picture-in-picture mode basically lets users multi-task. The new security camera also lets users have multiple views on a single phone screen at the same time.

The security camera market in India is a growing industry, exponentially we may add. One of the reasons behind this is a rise in hostile elements and crime in the country which are affecting families and businesses alike. While there are a number of options when one goes on a lookout for a security camera, a new entrant in this space is Xiaomi, which aims to provide ease of use with its Mi Home Security Camera 360-degree.

Xiaomi’s security camera is a part of their smart home product lineup. It’s no secret that apart from creating some great smartphones, Xiaomi has a wide range of ecosystem and smart home products that are really affordable and gets the job done.

The camera also does not sport wall mounting options, which means you can either leave it on a table top or on a higher shelf and angle it according to your suited view. The Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p camera is all white in colour and does not come in any other colour, though one would prefer a black variant to make it more hidden or discreet. Xiaomi prefers this colour to match its entire range of lifestyle products that also wins an award for design.

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