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Work from Home ? Earn money from Facebook 3 Products

Do you know! You can earn money from Facebook, yes recently Facebook has launched the new feature called Facebook instant article which serves your website pages feed on their server and transfer your heavy pages into the lightning fast pages.

Your web pages start to open 10X times faster but this happen by sacrificing few JavaScript and some widgets even if your web pages is hosting Google Adsense ads or any other then they will not display directly, for them you have to customize few code of your website templates but for now – tech website admin it will be tough task.

Earn money from Facebook

Earn money from Facebook

You can earn money on Facebook instant articles from two ways 1> directly by displaying ads off Facebook Audience Network and 2> by using 3rd party Ad networks like Google Adsense, Yahoo Ad network, etc.

Facebook ad revenue

Install Instant Articles for WP

First install instant article plugin for WordPress by Automattic, Dekode, Facebook team up, you can read in detail how to install and how to configure instant article plugin for WordPress Website from below articles and tutorials:

How to create Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress Website

How to become a Facebook instant articles publisher

After going through all settings and configuration move to the Facebook developer page select your Facebook instant article App which will be created automatically when you are approved for Instant Article.

Facebook audience network

Click on Audience Network option then find Placements options and here you go, by clicking on it you can find your Facebook audience placement ID. Copy that code and get ready to start your career with Facebook.

Facebook Instant Article WP Plugin

Paste your Audience Network Placement Id in the section of it and select which ad dimension you want for your instant article pages. Here you are done with the first way to earn money from Facebook Instant Article.

How to Use Google Adsense Ads on Facebook Instant Article

OK, I am 100% confident that everyone is waiting to know how they can place their Adsense ads code on instant articles. As you are using the same plugin which you had read in the first way that is in above paragraphs, then you just have to follow few easy steps to enable AdSense ads on Facebook Instant articles.

Google Adsense Ads on Facebook Instant Article

Go to the setting option of Facebook Instant article plugin in your WordPress dashboard, and in Ads section change Ad Type to “Custom Embed Code” and paste your Google Adsense code in Embed Code box. Save the process by clicking on save button and here you are done with the tutorial.

Your Facebook audience network account will be approved only when you submit your complete details with tax information in payout settings. You can read How to apply for Facebook audience network in my upcoming tutorial.

If you need any other information related to how to earn money from Facebook and have any query in using this tutorial then please comment below.

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