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6 ways to secure Facebook profile

Do you know Facebook is more concern to Secure Facebook profile as everyday new bugs and error are responsible for Facebook profile bruise? For a user who shares everything of daily life on the Facebook timeline are always the fear of getting hack or infected by virus links which share the adult post on behalf of the owner without any permission. So, you want to be secured and don’t be a victim of hacking or any virus attack then you landed in heaven of getting most secured Facebook profile – read my article which will make your Facebook profile most secured.

Secure Facebook Username

Facebook username is the unique phrase which comes after the Facebook domain name and every user has its own unique username, you can use that URL to share on a website or any other social networking website. To have your own Facebook username first login to a Facebook account, go to setting option and as the above image is showing the option’s you will see USERNAME column. In username column write the desired phrase if you are lucky and the username is available then click on save changes button. Now you are done with the Facebook username, what are the benefits of Facebook username in security.

If any user forgets the associated email address with the Facebook account and also password, then USERNAME can be used to reset the Facebook account password.

Facebook email address setting

While you create fresh Facebook account try to use email address instead of a phone number and don;t forget to make that email address as the primary contact. Your Facebook primary email address will receive the password reset code when you apply for it. So, a primary email address is one of the important keys for Facebook security.

What if you create your Facebook account with mobile number? Don’t worry, move to setting option and click on general setting there you will find Email address column. Add your email address there and enter the Facebook password to confirm it and when the email address is added to the right of it you will see make primary contact option, so click on it and that’s it you have your own primary contact.

Secure Facebook profile

Secure Facebook profile

Associated primary email address can be used to get all type of notification directly to email address, for that move to Notification setting.You can select what you want in a notification and what don’t from below image you can easily understand.

Unchecked the option “Allow friends to include my email address” this will keep safe your email inbox from unwanted emails from campaigns and advertising, as few people sell such email data to marketing companies.

Facebook notification on email address

Add a phone on Facebook

Add a phone on Facebook

Female Facebook user avoid to put their mobile number in Facebook settings, but this might be one of the reasons that 70% hacked account are of Female users. If you don’t want to display your mobile number to anyone then you can use the setting called “only me” then your number is displayed to you only.

Ping to Facebook setting then in Mobile option click on Add a Phone, enter your mobile number the country code is automatically entered by Facebook with the help of your IP address. You will receive the verification code and link,  enter the code in the verification by code box or you can directly click on the link from Facebook but you should login on mobile default browser.

Adding Mobile number can be used to receive the alert when an account is a login from unwanted IP address, if any one is trying to reset your password then also you will receive the code on your mobile.

Stay tuned with me – In this article, I discuss on the basic setting which will make your Facebook profile 100% secured from hacking and virus attacks, for advanced secured setting you have to move to my next article Secured Facebook profile.

You can only change the name of the Facebook group if you are the admin of it and fewer than 5000 members

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