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Firebase Database Realtime CRUD example for Android

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For database application CRUD operations are used, which stand for Create, Read, Update and Delete. As the Firebase database which is one of the NoSQL databases gaining more popularity and its use by developers is increasing rapidly, it will be beneficial if you have command on it. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up Realtime Firebase Database in your Android Application.

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Many of you are familiar with SQL tables and you may have your present project’s database in SQL tables. No worry, in this tutorial you can learn to model SQL tables to NoSQL Firebase Database with basic CRUD operation on the database (Create, Read, Update and Delete).

crud operation in firebase android

Step.1> How will be database look

Firebase Realtime Database Design

With this tutorial, we will have the following database design.

Firebase real-time database structure

As an SQL database uses the tabular format to store data, but in the case of firebase, the JSON tree structure is used. Changing the above database structure, the firebase real-time database structure will be.

Here I think you get all the basic information about Firebase’s real-time database, now we will move to Android studio.

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