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How to create a free Business listing on Google

Free Business Listing on Google, being the giant search engine in the world, is transforming its search result to structured data – so that users can find the exact data that they want to know in proper structure. When we search things like Currency exchange, Sports scores, Movies details, and even business then you will get the basic information about your search directly on the search page.

Free Business listing on Google
Free Business Listing on Google

Similarly, now you can add your business information like address, timing, contact number to the search result page and it will be displayed when the user will search for your business name in the Google search engine. This feature of Google is known as Google my business, with the help of this your business details will be listed in google and even it will be marked on google maps.

Free Business listing on Google

The benefit of adding your business to Google is that the customer can directly give reviews to your business and positive review will bring more customers. Google my business will help your customer to find your business place route with the help of GPS via google maps. You can go through this complete article in which you will learn how to create the listing in Google my business, how to maintain the listing, how to improve listing and much more.

Ping to Google my business website

If you are having a Google account that is the same account that you use for Gmail and other Google products. Use this account to log in to the Google my business website which is

Search with your business name

Now start with clicking on “start now” and do a search with your business name or by business address, If your business is already registered by anyone else then you can claim it as your own. If you don’t see it, click on “no, these are not my businesses” and you will be prompted to enter your information.

Search business in the google my business

Fill in details about Business

Time to add your business details with address, phone number, and complete business name if it is not already present. Afterwards, you can add photos or other information, such as You can add 5 different categories for single business listing, Opening and closing timing of your business, how you accept payment (cash payment, card payment, etc), mention the star topic of your business, you can also link your business video if you have one.

Verify by phone or verify by postcard

Verify by phone or verify by postcard

Google provide two different option to verify your business one is by postcard which is available for every country and the other one which is much faster is by Call but this service is available for only a few countries. The postcard method will take between 1 and 2 weeks and involves entering the verification number on the card. The Verify by Call is faster and by using this method your business will be listed in an hour after verifying through Call.

What if my business is not having a Physical address?

A business that provides the services directly to the place of customers can list their business as an “area of service” rather than using a physical storefront for listing. For doing so you have to follow the below steps.

  • log into your Google my business account and go to “edit info.”
  • Click on “address” and then click the box for “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their locations” underneath the address box.
  • From here, you can enter the cities or zip codes that your business serves. You can also input this information as the radius around your location (within 50 miles of ___).
  • Some business listings may have to be re-verified if their address is changed.

Here you are done with the listing process if you want to know how to manage and how to interact with your customers then read my article on Google products. If you need any help then comment with your query.

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