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Free Payment gateways plugins for website

One of the main reasons for the increase in internet users is eCommerce websites, the study confirms that the person who uses the least internet is also the user of eCommerce websites.
That proves that after social networking sites, eCommerce is playing a big role in attracting people towards the digital world.

Enjoy RazorPay Payment Gateway Free

E-commerce website development is changed after the launch of the WordPress plugin WooCommerce. The WooCommerce plugin is developed by woo themes team, this plugin gives a complete solution to product selling with the various inbuilt option, even WooCommerce provide a default payment gateway option and we can change the payment gateway to any other which we desired for our website. Integration of other payment gateway plugins with the WooCommerce plugin is possible which make this plugin more popular and handy to use. Having different options of payment gateways will help your customers to have a choice to buy from their familiar payment gateways.
WooCommerce provides the form for customers so that the website owner will get every detail of their customer, which can help to grow their eCommerce website with exact analysis.

The merchants who want to sell their product or service on a stable platform without doing any code, then you can start your very own online store using the WooCommerce plugin. For that, you must have your WordPress website after that install the free plugin WooCommerce from the WordPress dashboard – You can go through this tutorial to know How to install the WordPress plugin. Further in this tutorial, you will come across a few useful and free payment gateways for your WordPress website, the following list of best WooCommerce payment gateways will take some time according to your store needs to get satisfied.

WordPress accepts credit cards

WooCommerce PayU India (PayUmoney – PayUbiz)

PayUmoney is the leading Indian payment gateway provider, PayUmoney also has its official WordPress plugin to integrate its services directly into the WooCommerce checkout templates. PayUmoney accepts credit cards, debit cards, net banking.

Download PayUmoney WordPress Plugin.

Stripe Payments

The Stripe Payments plugin allows a customer to buy products using a Credit card, you can customize the country and type of credit card accepted by the website admin and this plugin is easy to use and can be set up in a few clicks. Stripe payments plugin can also be used to raise funds directly into your account from the donors via their credit cards.

It has a simple shortcode that lets you put Stripe “Buy Now” buttons anywhere on your site for a product or service.

Download Stripe Payments Plugin

Braintree For Woocommerce

For this plugin, first, you have to create an account at Braintree then by using Braintree plugin you can check out on any website offering this gateway. Sell your WooCommerce products and subscriptions or accept donations using your Braintree Account.

Braintree accepts credit cards, debit cards, PayPal money and net banking for a few countries.

Download Braintree For Woocomerce

YITH WooCommerce Payment Gateway

YITH Payment Gateway helps the merchant to get paid from service and it extends the WooCommerce default payment modes, adding the possibility to pay with credit cards through the services offered by the network.

Download YITH WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Selecting a payment gateway for your online shop is a critical decision, and I think one should try or should collect more information about the payment gateway providers before proceeding to use it.

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