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Get Firebase Cloud Storage Reference Create Folder




The Firebase Console does allow you to create a folder, since it’s the easiest way to add files to a specific folder there.

But there is no public API to create a folder. Instead folders are auto-created as you add files to them.

In order to upload or download files, delete files, or get or update metadata, you must create a reference to the file you want to operate on. A reference can be thought of as a pointer to a file in the cloud. References are lightweight, so you can create as many as you need, and they are also reusable for multiple operations.

Create references from the storage() service in your Firebase app. This reference points to the root of your Cloud Storage bucket.

Cloud Storage for Firebase recently launched support for listing files in buckets and folders for iOS, web, and Android clients. This was a hotly requested feature, because without it, developers wishing to upload many files to Cloud Storage generally had to make a database record of every object, so they could be reliably located and worked with later. While I think associating each file with a database record is still a good idea (more on that later), there are times when it’s very convenient to be able to get a list of files without having to first query a database.

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The progress listeners return a snapshot of the upload and the file is uploaded to the server. This snapshot gives you useful information, such as the total size of the file in bytes and how many bytes have been uploaded so far. Using this information, you can calculate the percentage uploaded and use it to update any UI control in your app.

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