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Google Adsense Introduce page level ads

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If you are already the publisher of the Google Adsense account then now its time to go to your Google Adsense dashboard to see the newly introduced Page-level ads by Google. Google Adsense before few months has already launched its new ad content that is called Related article ads, in which the website related content is displayed and when the visitor clicks on the specific related content then that page gets open – which also increases the page views of the website and also help in earning.


Yesterday Google Adsense team introduced a new type of ads for mobile responsive websites called Page-Level Ads. And one more good news is that this ad will not be counted in the 3 ads per page limit, which means you can use this ad type with your present ads.

Why Google Need to launch Page level ads for Mobile

Google is aware of the increasing use of the internet from mobile and this year search on the mobile increased from the desktop. So, to be in the game of advertisement google has launched this advertisement type. Page-level ads will also increase the revenue of the publisher and also not disturb the layouts of the website as you may have to make a new place for a display of ads but this will not require such place.

How to Start with Google Adsense page level ads

Step 1# As you will into your Google Adsense publisher account dashboard there you will see the new notification at the top of the website saying about the PAGE LEVEL ADS, there click on TRY IT. After that, a small introduction will start with sliding images as shown below click on next of every image.

Google Adsense page level ads

Step 2# Activate the types of ads you would like to use. There are two types of ads in the page level section one is Anchor/Overlay ads and another one is Vignette ads.

Step 3# Now a code will generate copy that code and paste it into the <head> tag of your webpage.

Step 4# You can also test whether the ads are displaying or not, to do so use this link http://your-website-url#googleads

Here you are done with new ads, please tell us about your experience and if you got any problem in implementing this then comment, I will be ready with the solution.

Aasim Sheikh
Aasim Sheikh
CTO at SyncSaS Technologies

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