10 Simple ways to double Adsense Revenue

In the Simple ways to double Adsense revenue tutorial, I am sharing my experience of Google Adsense, the journey of revenue from a few cents to 40$ to 50$ per day. Google Adsense change the life of many bloggers, as it is known as their source of income with less work compared to the actual work at an office. In this tutorial, you will learn from basic to professional strategies to double your Adsense income.

What things are required to double Adsense Revenue!

To start with AdSense one should have its website, blog, YouTube channel or nowadays you can use Mobile applications also to display Adsense advertisements.

Create a website on a good niche, select the niche which is demanded of people. This means the niche which is more searched and has ads for it in Google Adwords. Once the niche is selected start your website with organic and high-quality content related to your niche. For the website, you will need domain and hosting, buy the domain name from Godaddy at 1$ $. 99*.COM Domains! Get going with GoDaddy! and for hosting you have to invest more money minimum of 10$, but as for beginners, you can try the Godaddy economy hosting plan for 1 month. You can buy hosting from Godaddy Economy Hosting from here $1*/ mo hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

Create Blog for Adsense

For a newbie, you must start with free blogs services like Blogger by Google, WordPress. This two are famous ones and mostly used a blog platform. You don’t need to buy hosting and domain for this, they will provide you with the free domain (Subdomains) and storage. But blogs have limitations, if you are new to the tech world then it is worth full – you can learn the basics of blogging before moving on to your website.

How to create blog on WordPress

  1. Go to WordPress blog website.
  2. Click on Create Website button.
  3. Now WordPress will ask you following question about your blog.
  4. What is your website about? Select the main category of the blog. For example, if you are going to publish content about business then select BUSINESS & SERVICES.
  5. After that, you have to select sub-category for your blog.
  6. Once the category and subcategory are selected, now you have to select the template for the front page (Homepage) of your blog.
  7. Choose a theme for your blog, these themes are Free WordPress themes for a blog.
  8. Now you have to search for the domain name, you can use the custom domain or the free domain provided by WordPress. If search domain is available then select the free domain or you can pay for the custom domain.
  1. It’s time to pick a plan for your WordPress blog, if you are new to WordPress then I would suggest using Free WordPress package. OK, let’s select free WordPress blog package and continue.

Here your WordPress blog is completed, now start publishing on it with awesome and organic content.

How to Create Blog on Blogger

  1. Visit Blogger official website and login with your Gmail account.
  2. Click on New Blog.
  3. In title add the name of your blog. The address is for the desired domain name for your blog, this domain is free by blogger. You can add custom domain further. Now select the theme for your blog and click on Create a blog.

Start publishing your blogger post, one of the advanced benefits of using Blogger is that it is developed by Google and because of this you can directly apply for Adsense and the Monetization tool of blogger also help you to create ads and place them on the blog automatically.

You can also earn from YouTube channel, just create a channel on YouTube and start uploading videos on it and how to get Adsense to account for YouTube channel I will tell you further.

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How to Apply for Adsense Account

Adsense For Website (Including Mobile App)

Once your website has completed at least 20 good quality posts (article) and a few months from getting online, now you can apply for a Google Adsense publisher account.

Step.1> Go to the Google Adsense website

Step.2> Sign in with your Gmail account credentials and do Adsense Sign up.

Step.3> Add your website URL and select the language in which the content is on your website. (See in above image in the column having text Title Your Website, there you have to fill your website address (URL). )

Step.4> Now Fill Adsense Signup Information for Publisher. Name, address, contact no and much other information as shown in the below image. (For my privacy I had blurred my address, email address, and contact number)

Step.4> Now you have to verify your details by Verification code via call or text from Google. Add this code and click next and a pop-up document will come with an agreement of google and publisher, check to accept it and here you are done with applying for an Adsense account.

Adsense For Blogger Blog

Step.1> Go to your blogger blog dashboard there you will get the option called Earnings, Click on it.

Step.2> Now select Adsense, if your blog does not qualify for Adsense then you will get this message from Adsense.

Step.3> If your blog qualifies for Adsense then you can sign up for an AdSense publisher account. And the next process for the sign too is similar to what we do in Adsense for the website.

Adsense For YouTube channel

For YouTube, Adsense will approve your account in a few days, but you cannot use the same account to display ads for content. Meaning you have to apply for Adsense for content again, using the process which we already learned above. But if your AdSense account is approved for a website/blog then you can use the same account for the YouTube channel without applying again.

NOTE: In the case of Adsense for content (website/blog) to get an approved Adsense account, you have to follow these steps:

a. Once you Apply for Adsense Account, you will get access to the AdSense dashboard after your application gets approved. But application approval does not mean that your Adsense publisher account is approved.

b. Go to Adsense and do Adsense login.

c. Navigate to the MY ADS option, there Create a new AD Unit. Need help to create Ads. Ok, I will tell you

  • Follow: Content » Ad Units » New Ad Unit
  • Give some relevant name for your ad unit in form.
  • Select Ad size (Responsive highly recommended)
  • Ad type: Text & Display ads.
  • Now let other things be a default.
  • Click on Save and get a code.

d. Now Copy the ad code and paste it into the text or HTML section of your website.

e. Google Adsense will review your website/blog and if your website is on its policies then they will approve your Adsense publisher account. This process may take a few days, the time duration of the review process depends on the Google Adsense team.

Hope the beginners have to understand everything from how to create a website from Adsense monetization to start with Google Adsense. Now we will start our main topic which is to learn how to double Adsense revenue with simple steps. Frankly speaking, Adsense is not an easy task, these steps are not easy you have to understand the content of your website and everything from the AdSense side. But once you get all this understand them everything is in your pocket. And here your autopilot mode is on to have revenue from Google Adsense, which means you don’t have to work hard once everything is set just publish content on your website.

How to double Adsense revenue?

How to increase AdSense revenue is a secret recipe for bloggers, but if you know the proper ingredients and the exact proportion to cook, then ultimately your food will be with a slowly mesmerizing fragrance. Same for Adsense publisher, if a publisher has proper content on a website and exact strategies to implement AdSense ads then the fragrance of revenue will increase as the flame to cook your material increase more and more.

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Strategy 1» Check whether your website niche is having ample amount of search and good CPC for the keyword related to your content. You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to know the search amount for keywords and CPC bids.

  • Select good niche using Google Keyword planner.
  • Check whether the niche has ads for it. No need to use tool to know this, just search for a keyword related to your niche, if ads display in search result page, then the signal for niche selection is green.

Strategy 2» Create effective ads in Adsense MY ADS.

a) Ad Size

If your website template is designed in such a way that you can’t put different ads according to mobile view or desktop view. The highly recommended ads size is Responsive.

If the feature is available then for Mobile view the efficient Ad size is 300 * 250 Medium Rectangle and for desktop and tablet versions use 336 * 280 Large Rectangle. (Recommended from 12-month analysis)

b) Ad Type

Here is only one choice for you folks is to select only TEXT AND DISPLAY ADS. You can select other options like Text Ads Only, Display Ads Only or Matched Content, but the highly recommended from Adsense itself is Text and Display Ads.

One more thing is that you can only put 3 ads on 1 page, but Matched Content ads are not counted in it. SO you can also put Matched content ads, in which content from your website and another website will be displayed. But for this Ad type, your website must qualify the minimum requirements.

c) Ad Color

The colour of your Ad should be mixed with your website template but remember to make a border slightly different from the background colour. So that Ads can be easily identified. Make link and text colour of ads similar to your website links and text colour.

Strategy 2» Ads Placement

Analyze your website/blog template and after that try to find out the perfect place to put your ad code. According to me Header and sidebar are the perfect places to put your ads and at the place where you put the sharing option.

Note: Don’t place your ads in the sticky sidebar, as it is against the Adsense policy.

Strategy 3» Target US Visitor

If your website is hosted from outside of the US and doesn’t have many visitors from the US. Then you must have to do something to get visitors from the US. You can try Twitter, Yes using Twitter you can tweet your website content to Twitter users who are from the United States.

Strategy 3» Create Custom Search for Website

Every website has a search engine used to search content on the website, what if you will get money for it. Yes, Adsense makes this possible you just have to create a custom search engine for your website and on the search result page, there will be advertised by Adsense.

Follow this to create custom search engines: Adsense Dashboard » My ads » Search »Custom search engines » New custom search engines.

Now according to your need create your search engine for your website.

Strategy 4 » Disable low CPC Ad Networks

To do so you have to read my tutorial name How to Increase Adsense CPC here you will learn strategies to increase Adsense CPC and disabling low CPC Ad Network is one of its parts.

That’s all, this tutorial is the full sea for AdSense publishers. In this tutorial, I had covered the information for a beginner as well as a professional. Hope you will shower your love to the information provided hereby sharing it on every sharable platform. If you have any doubt or confusion then please ask us, we will help you with the exact answer to your question.

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