How to manage Google Adsense to get High CPC

Manage Adsense for High CPC

CPC (Cost per click) in simple words the CPC is the term that can be explained as the money earned by a publisher when the visitor did the single click on the ads displayed via Google Adsense. The website owner placed the Adsense ads on the web pages and blogs and for that, they get a percentage of what advertisers pay to Google Adwords while creating Ads campaigns. The fixed percentage to the publisher by Google is 68% of the bid price for that advert.

Let’s have one example think that Alicia Laufer is paying 2$ for the keyword “BUZZMYCODE” to Google, whenever any user will search for this keyword in the Google search engine and went to the publisher website and click on ads then the publisher will get $1.35 for the single click.

In this tutorial, I will guide you to know how to earn more money from Google Adsense with a few smart and legal ways, first of stop all the tricky and wrong ways to increase website traffic as the Google AdSense will count this in Invalid traffic and stop telling your friends about your website and don’t ask them to visit your website without any particular reason.

How to Find High CPC keywords

There may be several programs or tools by fishy developers which may attract you by saying that they can double your Adsense earning, but stay away from them. Instead, start doing smart work – whenever you decide to write the article on any topic for any niche you must think of the following points:

  • Your article will be helpful for others, many times article were written in the proper way and proper SEO but the article is not helpful for most of the people. So, try to cover such topics which will help more and more users.
  • Your article topic is in demand or trending, don’t write on any topic it will waste your time.
  • Do the deep study on the topic and try to find out good and high CPC keywords with the help of GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER tool.
  • Use all these High CPC keywords in Headings, paragraph, Image Alt and don’t use high CPC keyword unnecessary as it will lower your article quality.
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After thinking on all these above points and collecting ample information about the topic start writing your article with Good and impressive English and there should be no grammatical mistakes.

You can use different SEO plugins if your website is on WordPress, else you can use Meta keywords for SEO. Now we will move on to the main topic which is How to manage Google Adsense to get High CPC.

How to manage Google Adsense for High CPC ads

When I started Google Adsense with my website for the first month I was confused as, to why for some countries I get less CPC while for US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA I got more CPC. After knowing the fact I started the experiment for 1 week, tracking every aspect of Google Adsense finally come to know how to increase CPC with proper settings and management.

Disable low CPC ad networks

Follow the steps, this will help you to get high CPC ads via High CPC paying Ad networks.

  • First, go to PERFORMANCE section of your ads and see last 1-month performance.
  • Now find out which ad network is paying less CPC from last 1 month and Go to ALLOW & BLOCKS ADS section from the top navigation section and click on AD NETWORK tab.
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Disabling a Low CPC ad network, will not display ads with less CPC on your blog or web pages, yes ads on your website depend upon the content and the keyword search by the visitor. But one more important thing is the caches of the visitor if the visitor is searching or giving more time on TECHNOLOGY then its 90% chances of having technology ads on the user device when they visit your website.

Writing Quality content will bring Quality Visitor to website

Set Ad review center to get High CPC

Move to the Ad review Center and block the ads which you want, I will suggest you find the ads which have less CPC. For that you have to start a good tracking experiment in Adsense performance and see which Ads size is paying less CPC, then in the Ad review centre, you can block them.

Manage Adsense Ads Categories to get High CPC

You can also move to general categories, sensitive categories where you can see the last 30 days’ performance of the specific category. Never block the category which is having high impressions, yes you can block the ads category which is not related to your websites but never does with LAW or HEALTH category as they are the highest-paying categories.

If you go through this article then I am confirmed that it will help you to earn more money from Adsense as compared to your last days, if you have any confusion or have any queries then comment.

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