10 Quick Steps to Create High Traffic Blogger Blog

Create High Traffic Blogger Blog
Create High Traffic Blogger Blog
Create High Traffic Blogger Blog
Create High Traffic Blogger Blog

Create High Traffic Blogger Blog

Sometimes you might have to think about What is the blog? What is the difference between blog and website? What is its benefit? How to create it? and creating a blog is not the complete solution, you have to create a blog in such a way that it will have good traffic on it. If you ever have gone through these questions and want to decode the answers with tutorials then go through this article.

What are Blog and Blogging

The blog is something like a website where people can share their views, ideas, Technics, knowledge etc. The blog is the short form of WEBLOG it can be used for earning purposes. You don’t need to pay for becoming a beginner blogger on different platforms like Blogger by Google, WordPress, Tumblr and much more.

Website vs Blog

In the initial stage of blogging, every blogger has a question about what a blog is? and what a website is? Is they both are the same? No, they are not. You will be very clear with an example that I am going to explain here. Consider one is having an institute providing different courses.

They are having a website for the same where they offer different courses, which allows users to get register themselves, log in then select different courses and get trained. There will be a predefined procedure to do this and this etc. At the same time, they are having a blog where they share their own experience of different hurdles that they faced, their views, ideas, tricks etc. This is just for sharing with others like a letter. I hope here you have cleared away your confusion.

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How to create Blog

Blogging sites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc are available where you can create your blogs with the help of their one-click setup and dashboard to manage your blog post and settings. In this article, I am using Blogger to make you understand how to create a blog using blogger.

Steps to Create Blog in Blogger

Step #1: First go to the blogger’s official website and log in with your Gmail account, you will see the panel as in the illustrated image of the blogger dashboard below.

Step #2: Go through steps 1 to 4 as shown in an image, the address will be the blog URL. Once completed there you go, now you will be having your blog and you can now continue with your sharing.

How to create High traffic Blog

Growing your business online is about more than creating a beautiful website or Blog. Once you create it the next step is to drive traffic to your blog. SEO is the organic way to bring traffic to your blog from various search engines, but you have to be the techie person to do this if you do not then follow one thing is to write the organic post (blog articles) on blogs. Writing organic content is the soul of SEO as google give more concern to the original content.

Traffic from social networking sites can be driven to your blog from Facebook pages, Twitter tweets, and many other social networking sites. You can read my post on How to increase Website conversion rate to learn more about having traffic on a blog using social networking websites.

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This is the place where the people shares their views on selective concerns. People ask a question, experts having the solution gives their opinions.
This is one of the best ways to boost up blog traffic, while sharing your opinions don’t forget to put a link as an example to your blog. Select leading forums, keep an eye where you can post your opinion. You should share your techniques your ideas at least once a day. The more you put in the more you get out.

Social Media

This is one of the fastest techniques to raise your traffic by regular sharing of your posts. Here you can also increase your traffic by paid methods like promoting your blog etc, read how to promote your blog on Facebook advertisers.

Blog comments

Search in Google for the same keywords as yours, go to the top results go through their contents give your opinions in the comment section address your blog, add backlinks to get ranked. Use Google Alerts service to get notified when top search results are added.

News Letter

The user enters your site read your content and leaves, these users are the one time users what you need to do is increase followers, members of your site. For this add newsletter let them register so that
they can view regular updates of your blog.

Low volume keyword

Try to use low volume keyword that is the keyword that is having very little search, so that you can get ranked in google easily at the top of a search result and it will bring fewer but organic visitors.

Hope you find this article useful, do share it with the world and if you have any doubt then comment to get solved in a few seconds.

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