How to verify website on google webmaster with different ways

Website admin folks are usually busy managing the website and for doing so, Google Webmaster is a splendid tool – you can call it as GWT is a free tool by Google that helps website developers to see the error and increment in the website. Google webmaster tool help in finding the error of AMP, Structured data, HTML pages, Unavailable pages and much more. One can use the Google webmaster tool for checking the position of the website page for the specific keyword by customizing CTR, Clicks, Impressions can also be viewed from different countries too.

In my last article How to Verify site ownership on Google Search Console, you can learn how to start with the Webmaster tool for your website with only one way to verify the website. But in this tutorial, you can learn a few more different ways to get verified your website on the Google webmaster tool.


If your website domain is properly working then you just have to add your website in ADD PROPERTY and click next and automatically recommended method will come where a drop-down list of domain name providers is available to select one of your and logins to your domain name provider dashboard and in next 2 minutes, it will complete the process of verifying.

What if your domain name provider service is not listed in the drop-down list, then you can manually add the TXT record in the DNS panel of your domain settings. To verify the domain is owned by you to Google, follow the steps to add the TXT record in DNS settings.

Step.1 Go to DNS manager from your domain name settings, every panel is designed differently according to their providers.

Step.2 In the TXT (Text) section, click Quick Add and add the following two fields :
a)  In the Host field, enter @.
b)  In the TXT Value field, copy and paste the unique security token generated in the Google webmaster website verification process.

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c) Leave the TTL drop-down as the default selection.

Step.3  Click the Save Zone File button.

Here you are completed with the verification process of your website on Google webmaster tool with manual style for Domain name provider method.


Before proceeding to this method be assured that you are using web hosting, as this method is not applicable for free service of blogging like blogger, WordPress, etc. In this method Google search console will provide you with one HTML file, you have to download that file and Upload it in the root folder of your hosting where the domain is parked. After doing this first verify whether the file is uploaded successfully by visiting the path with the file name where you had uploaded the HTML file in a browser if everything is ok. Then come back to the Google webmaster verification page and click on Verify button to complete your process.

Note: Never remove or move the HTML file even after the verification of the website.


You have to be a little codist to taste this method as it required to copy and pasting a few lines of code in the head section of a webpage. Click on Verify website with HTML Tag method and copy the meta tag which is provided in the window, copy that meta tag and paste it in between the head tags ( <head> PASTE META TAG HERE </head> ) on your homepage. For WordPress user find the header.php file in the Editor section of Appearance and paste the meta tag in that file and save it. After doing this click on verify button in the Google webmaster tool window.

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One of the easiest methods for the user if they are already the user of Google analytics – you can learn how to become a Google analytics user by reading my tutorial How to set up Google Analytics to Website. This method is required only to match website domain registered in Google Analytics to Webmaster tool.


The cool and latest method to verify a website in the Google webmaster tool requires users to register their website with the Google tag manager program and include the container snippet under the body tag <body> of your home page. After doing this click on verify button in the Google search console by the Google tag manager method.

For the WordPress user, there is also one of the methods which are verification by PLUGIN. Install Plugin and follow the steps to get the website verified.

To use this method you must know how to deal with the WordPress plugin – Read How to Install WordPress plugin. The WordPress user can use plugins, such as ALL IN ONE WEBMASTER, WORDPRESS SEO, etc can be used to verify a website with the following easy steps.

All done, yes after completing the verification process. You need to create the sitemap of your website and submit it in the sitemap section of google webmaster. As it will help google robot to understand which pages and posts are important to get index in google. High-priority pages will be crawled first and indexed too in Google search results, increasing the effectiveness of your SEO. Hope you find this tutorial useful if you have any questions to ask then please do in the comment.

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