Verify site ownership on Google Search Console in 1 way

Verify site ownership on Google Search Console
Verify site ownership on Google Search Console

Verify site ownership on Google Search Console

Developing a website is easy as compared to maintaining it, yes this is 100% true because the hard work required to develop a website is once but maintaining the same one required regular hard and smart work. Google webmaster tool which is also known as the Google Search console is a splendid tool for the complete maintenance of the website.

So, to work with a Google webmaster you have to know the basic knowledge of website analysis, keywords ranking and a few others. First, you have to create an account on Google webmaster to do so follow the below steps.

Step.1 Go to Google webmaster website (Google Search Console).

Step.2 You can add a website domain or android app URL published on the Google play store, but here we are talking about a website. So, Add your website domain address, please make sure to use a prefix of HTTP or HTTPS without mistake.

Step.3 Now click on ADD PROPERTY which will open a window that asks to verify your website ownership. There are different options to verify website ownership, here we will consider verifying the website with a recommended method that is by domain name provider.

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Step4. Login to your domain name dashboard and in the Google webmaster window of verifying ownership select your domain name provider and click verify, as you are already login the process will be complete with a few messages.

Note: If your domain name provider service is not listed there then you can use the TXT records method which will be discussed in my next tutorial How to verify a website with different ways on Google webmaster.

Verify site ownership on Google Search Console
Verify site ownership on Google Search Console

That’s the task completed. Here you had verified your website for Google webmaster, now you have to be ready for doing some more tasks to become a professional website analyst. In this article, we had learned about the recommended way for verifying a website if you have any doubt then ask in a comment and you canĀ also use our sharing buttons.

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