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Create Facebook developer account in 5 minutes to Join Millions of Geeks




Create Facebook developer account

Are you Application geek always ready to code, playing with lines of Php, Java, AngularJS etc – then you must try Facebook developer feature which helps you to grow your business on Facebook with the new and integrated Facebook Apps.

develop a Facebook app
develop a Facebook app

In this Facebook app development tutorial, you will learn how to have your own business application on Facebook, it will give you the totally different experience of using Facebook page, Sharing content, Like for web pages and much more.

Create an app Facebook

You have to go through 2 different steps to develop the Facebook app which is very easy like drag and drops options, you don’t need to have been technical guy to do this. So I will start each and every step with deep and simple understanding with illustrated images from Facebook App developer account.

1. Login to Facebook

Use your existing account to login Facebook profile after that ping to Facebook developer website which will navigate you to different platforms and products on a Facebook developer.

Facebook developer application
Facebook developer application

2. Developer Account

You have to create Facebook developer account that can be done using your own Facebook profile by upgrading your personal Facebook account to a Facebook Developer account. In below image, you can see that I had register for the Facebook developer and for that I have to accept Facebook platform policy and the Facebook privacy policy by toggling to YES option.

Register as a Facebook Developer
Register as a Facebook Developer

When you click on the register you will get the message of confirmation on the new popup window by Facebook. Here it is,

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Create Facebook developer account

How to become Facebook developer
How to become Facebook developer

So, have a fun with your Facebook developer account – In my next tutorial, i will explain how to create a Facebook application on Facebook developer account for different platforms.

Everyone wants following and FAN following on Facebook gives the feeling of being Celebrity in a Facebook world, for big fan following for your profile one have to be the celebrity in real life or alternative is my article.

Publishing your App

To make your app available to the public, publish it by following the steps here:

  1. Navigate to App Review on the left.

    In case you have multiple apps under the same account, switch between them on the top left corner. Make sure the correct app is selected.
  2. On top of the screen, find the section “Make My Awesome Shop public?” and slide the button to YES. Click Confirm on the “Are you sure…” pop-up.
  3. After your app is published, these options will be approved automatically:
    • email
    • public_profile
    • user_friends

This permits your mobile shopping app to access a user’s email address, public profile, and friend list. Now you have successfully created and published a Facebook App.

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