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How to create Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress Website

Do you know more than one billion people use Facebook from mobile in a month, the content shared on Facebook get traffic from mobile Facebook and its performance matter with loading speed should be fast. If you want to know
How to become a Facebook instant articles publisher then read my article, in this article, I will guide you to start Facebook instant articles for WordPress website with the help of the WordPress Plugin which is recently launched by the VIP team.

Getting Ready for Instant Articles

Facebook started Instant article with a few publishers from every country in May 2015 but now Facebook plans to roll the most awaited feature out for all publishers and Facebook pages from the 12th of April after the F8 conference.

Here in this article, I will discuss three things that you can do to be ready to move the minute Facebook opens the program up to all publishers.

Complete Facebook page for Instant Articles

What do you have to do changes on your Facebook page before applying for Facebook Instant Articles? First, you should have your business or organisation’s Facebook page and you must be the admin or the editor of that page. Set up a Business Manager account for your business page, if you don’t have a business manager account then add your Facebook page to the account and add other members of your business or organisation to your page using the Business Manager.

As the Instant Articles will be managed directly from a Business Manager account – so it’s compulsory to go with the steps to avoid further problems.

If you don’t already use it, download the Facebook Pages app. You can find it in Apple’s App Store on your iPhone or iPad, or the Google Play store. You’ll need the app to preview and test Instant Articles. Go ahead and get it and learn your way around it.

Create RSS Feed for Instant Articles

The functioning of Instant articles is started from our website, first, a Feed will be imported from our website having HTML content formatted in a specific way he Facebook. If you want your WordPress website with Instant articles, then you have to generate the specially formatted HTML content RSS feed from the website. You have two options to do by yourself with the help of coding or the easiest way is to use WordPress plugin created in partnership between Automattic and Decode I must say that WordPress users should be thankful to this team to create such a wonderful Plugin. Facebook Instant Articles will be added to the official Plugin Directory within a few days. In the meantime, you can go ahead and get started by downloading it from GitHub.

Facebook Instant Article WordPress Plugin

The plugin will be downloaded in ZIP format, and you have two options for installation. You can either:

  1. Use the Plugin installation tool in the WordPress admin area to upload and install the ZIP format plugin file,
  2. Extract the ZIP file on your computer and use an FTP client to copy the extracted plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory within your WordPress installation.

Once the plugin is installed, head to the Plugins page within the WordPress Admin area and activate it.

Activating the plugin will create an RSS feed which can be found by visiting the URL

Apply to Join the Program and Follow the Steps

As Facebook open the Instant Article program for all publishers on April 12, then you have to apply for the application for the Instant Article publisher. You can read my complete article in which I had explained in detail How to apply for a Facebook instant article if you need any help in doing this then you can comment with your query.

That’s it you are done with the Facebook Instant article, now whenever you publish a new article then the RSS feed will generate which will be imported to the Facebook Page manager and result in the ppublishingof instant article

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