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How to Create Introduction Slider for Android App

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Hi there, In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how you can create an introductory slide show for your android application. The point to ponder about this task is that the slide show must run just once after the installation. From the second time, the app must open with some home screen. So let’s begin our Intro Screen Slider Android Tutorial.

Intro Screen Slider Android Tutorial

Creating a New Android Studio Project

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First, create a new project. You can do the same in your existing application.
I just created a project named AppIntro.
Adding AppIntro dependency
In this Screen Slider Android Tutorial, we will be using the AppIntro library.
So the first thing we need to add this library to our project. For this just go to your app-level build. Gradle file and insert the following line inside dependencies block and then just sync your project.

Make Introduction Slider for Your App

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