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How to install Plugins in WordPress




How to Install a WordPress Plugin for Beginners

In this tutorial I will tell you a couple of ways you can install WordPress plugins on your website, plugins are the great way to increase the functionality of your website. So – now how can you do this, you will get to know which plugin should you search for the website and which to install on your WordPress website.

You need to be admin of WordPress website to see the plugin panel, if you are admin of WordPress website then you can see the plugin panel in the dashboard. If you put the mouse on a plugin in WordPress dashboard panel, you will get three options Installed Plugins, Add new, Editor. What all their option is used all of them are related to WordPress plugins but with different functionality.

Installed Plugin: If your WordPress site is already having Plugins then you can manage WordPress plugins from Installed Plugin Option. If you are not satisfied with any plugin and want to delete WordPress plugin then you can use Installed Plugin option where if you mouse hover on any specific plugin Delete option will come below the particular plugin.

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Add New: If you are searching for”How do I install a plugin on WordPress” then this option will end your search, Add new is used for adding a new plugin for your WordPress website. When you click on add new then in the search box you have to search for WordPress plugins, the result will give you different plugins related to your search and that too with review and rating which can help you to select the suitable plugin for your WordPress website. Below every plugin in the search result for a plugin you can find whether that plugin is suitable for your WordPress version or not, so before installing WordPress plugin check that plugin is suitable for your website WordPress version.

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Editor: If you are not handy with coding and beginner in WordPress valley then my advice will be to stay away from editor option. Actually, this option is used for editing the coding of plugins which are installed on your WordPress website.

If you don’t have much time to read this whole article then read below line to know how to install WordPress plugin directly from admin panel.

Download the plugin to your computer, then log in to your WP admin area and go to Plugins > Add New. Browse to the plugin archive and select it. Then click Install Now and the plugin will be installed shortly.

wp plugin install
wp plugin install

Once installed, you need to click on the Activate Plugin link to start using the plugin.

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What if you don’t find your desired WordPress plugin in the search result but have the downloaded plugin from any other source then what will you do, for that read our next article Manually Install a WordPress Plugin using FTP.

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