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How to Migrate WordPress Website to new Hosting

How to Migrate WordPress Website to new Hosting
Migrate WordPress Website

Hey, folks, it’s been a long time I had posted something on Syncsas, just because of my busy schedule and I was away from my tech-savvy website. When I return to my work I found some problem in my hosting and that problem caused a DNS problem with the ” This site cannot be open” error on every browser, Even the dashboard of the website was not accessible. So I decided to migrate my website to a new hosting account, but I was not having any backup. Then I got one idea, and I am damn sure this one help many WordPress users to migrate their website without paying and with less effort. To know this Freeway to migrate WordPress website continue with the tutorial and do share with the WordPress users.

If you are not tech-savvy then use this WordPress Plugin known as WordPress Backup & Clone Master
Step.1# Login to your Hosting dashboard (Cpanel)

Step.2# Backup your Uploads section especially the folder with the name 2015,2016, etc as this folder consist of Images and attachment of your posts.

How to backup Post Images in WordPress

a> Open File Manager from Cpanel of your hosting » Open Wp-Content Folder » Open Uploads Folder. All images and attachments are in a Folder with the name 2015,2016 depending upon the year in which the files is uploaded.

b> Now right click mouse button and select Compress in .zip extension, after the process is complete download the .zip folder into your system ( Computer ).

Offer: You can Use ManageWp Plugin to Backup your WordPress Website with one Click.

#  Now Move to your PhpMyAdmin ( Database Dashboard ) and export your WordPress database into SQL extension to your computer. Don’t forget to remember your Database credentials or you can change with a new credential in the wp-config.php file.

If you want to backup only WordPress Posts then you can use Export Tool from WordPress Dashboard.

Here we completed the tutorial to backup your WordPress website without paying the penny for a plugin. To know how to restore this backup you can read my new tutorial about How to restore WordPress backup.