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How to setup Adsense For Beginners

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Setup Adsense For Beginners. Okay, let’s start – getting access to the login android dashboard is the happiest thing in the life of the blogger who wants to monetize their content. For all the beginner bloggers, we had come up with a new tutorial in which newbies will learn how to start with Adsense and what are the right steps to create Google AdSense by following our step by step guide to creating an Adsense account.

Step.1> Sign up for Adsense

  • Go to Adsense Official website.
  • Click on Sign Up button, will be available at bottom right.
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To sign up with Adsense, you must have a Google account(GMAIL Id). So, now Sign in with your Google account to continue to sign up for AdSense. If you don’t have a google account then you can click on Create account to have it.

Setup Adsense For Beginners

Step.2> Fill Details of Website.

Add website to Adsense
  • My website: Fill this section with your website domain name, if you are having the blog on blogger then you can use sub-domain but for others, you can not use subdomains.
  • Content language: Select the language in which your content is written on your website.
Adsense Sign up

In the above form, everything is normal anyone can fill. But only one thing is important is that Account Type: For individual select account type as Individual and if you are having the business then select Business Type.

Setup Adsense For Beginners

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