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The mobile application developer needs some IDE, IDE stands for “Integrated Development Environment” provides the complete environment for development. IDE for developing android apps means an environment which provides complete life cycle for the app development this means it should provide the framework for designing, programming(coding), testing, debugging also for packaging complete application software.

Google android developer

The officials IDEs for the android app development that  uses Java are:

  1. ADT  (Android Development Tool) – uses Eclipse IDE.
  2. Android Studio – uses IntelliJ IDE.

But these are not the only options for the android applications the alternatives for these are also there. Why there is the alternative for these? ADT and android studio are having some drawbacks these are:

  1. Both of these require the strong knowledge of java language.
  2. Application made with these are not cross-platform, this means the applications can run only on the device running the android operating system.

IDE for developing android apps

In order to overcome these drawbacks, the developers decided to create the environment which develops the cross-platform apps.

Android IDE

App developers

Following is the list of different app developers:

  1. AIDE – uses HTML5/c/c++.
  2. Application Craft – HTML.
  3. Basic4Android – BASIC
  4. Cordova – HTML5.
  5. Corona – Lua.
  6. Intel XDK – HTML5.
  7. IntelliJIDEA – Java.
  8. Kivy – python.
  9. Monkey X – BASIC.
  10. MonoGame – c#.
  11. MoSync – HTML5/c/c++.
  12. PhoneGap – HTML5,CSS,JS.
  13. Telerik – HTML5.
  14. Titanium – JavaScript.
  15. Xamarin – C#.
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All the above are the cross-platform environment excepts Basic Android and IntelliJIDEA.

Best ide for android development:

Best ide for android development
Best ide for android development

According to me, Android Studio is the best IDE for the one who intends to develop an app that runs on android only. Android Studio is user-friendly and all things are clearly mentioned, also specify errors and warning clearly. One who is new to android app development should use Android Studio.

Update: As on 8th of August 2021, lot of things changed. This article was first published in year 2016, now we have various tools which don’t need IDE even. Yes, we called them drag and drop tool. You can avail this tool directly on your system browser as they are available in web application form.

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