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How to increase Facebook Page likes using Merge 1000/Day

Increase Facebook Page likes

It’s nearly 4 months completed for FACEBOOK PAGE MERGE is launch, the true use of this feature is to merge your old page with the new page having identical attributes like PAGE NAME, PAGE CATEGORY, etc.

Facebook page admins are using merge technique officially when admin is having two Page and a there subject is same, so admin can change the both page name to identical and apply for merge. When you will search for  “merge two Facebook pages with different names” you will get a number of the result on a search engine but all of them will talk about the official use of FACEBOOK PAGE MERGE option but our coders find one bug in this feature which can be used to increase Facebook Page likes.

merge Facebook pages to increase page likes

How to use merge page feature to increase page likes, so – simple one of the study said that every one out of three searches on the internet is related to “SEX” content. You can use these factor to create the Facebook page highlighting page name to SEX subject and I am definitely sure your page will start getting likes without inviting the single friend.

Now in 4 – 5 days your Facebook page will reach to 1k likes, right away your mission to increase your authentic page like will start what you have to do ? Change the fake page name to your authentic page and wait for 7 days to make complete change by Facebook. Once your fake Facebook page name is changed now in authentic page MERGE option you can easily merge page and all likes of the fake Facebook page will transfer to your authentic page.

how to merge Facebook business pages

All the steps are same for business pages but you have to make address and category ( sub-category) identical to the page with whom you are going to merge your old page.

If you really want genuine likes for your Facebook page, then you have to do hard work and use maximum impressive images in every post with good text. Never post out of category content on your page, for example, your page is about SPORTS then you should never post anything other than sports content, it will surely distract your likes. PREMIUM FACEBOOK TIP FOR FREE


Increase Facebook Page likes
Increase Facebook Page likes

Instead of creating fugacious PAGE on Sex content, you can try for trending topic just you have to create a Facebook page on trending topic of your country and invite friends and share on your local Facebook group. I am damn sure you will get thousand of likes in one day, my own experience for trending topic is of 3015 likes just in 24 hours without paying a single cent. So, enjoy all this exclusive buzz for Facebook Page and let other know do share and do comment if you need any help.