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Content Optimization to Increase Instant Article Earning




If you’re a publisher using a mediation layer and you have placements with 10,000 impressions or more a day, there are several ways to Increase Instant Article Earning by optimize CPMs to maximize revenue. Here’s some considerations on how to set optimal CPM targets.

I am not saying that everyone develops a blog just to earn money. Some may also do it for passion but nobody is particularly allergic to more money right? Some extra money always helps and what better way than to earn money from your passion.

There are numerous ways in which you can monetize your blog and earn a good income. One of the newest ways that every blogger is now after is the Facebook Instant Article feature. Since it is not too old, the developers are constantly adding to its features and profitability for both publishers and advertisers.

Increase Instant Article Earning

In 2015, Facebook released a feature called ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ which was somewhat similar to Google’s AMP articles. These articles are basically faster loading pages with an enhanced visual display to give your readers a better experience overall. In simpler words, these are optimized web articles which you publish directly on Facebook. An instant article is an HTML5 display with 10 times the loading speed of normal feed articles.

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Most people don’t even know Facebook has their own Adsense Alternative, and setting up a site for Facebook is more difficult than setting up an Adsense account. But don’t worry, Ronald went above and below to make sure you understand every step of the process with tons of images.

Increase Instant Articles Revenue
Increase Instant Article Earning

In this section, you will come to know how to make money from Instant Articles. In fact, by default, Instant Articles doesn’t show any ads.

However, you can enable Facebook Audience Network Ads to Instant Articles. The Facebook Audience Network Ads is like “Adsense for Facebook.”

In Facebook Audience Network, the fill rate, as well as CPM, is pretty high when compared to other ad networks. Plus, the ads on Instant Articles are targeted based on user demographics and interest. With Audience Network, publishers get engaging and high performing ad units which are backed by Facebook’s three million advertisers. It is the best way to monetize your content with relevant and innovative ad formats.

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