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8 Effective Ways to increase Website conversion rate

For every eCommerce website developer (Administrator), it is important to create the website in such a way that it can increase Website conversion rate and generate lead from visitor to customer. In this article, I will explain to you how to increase website conversion rate in terms of sales for eCommerce website and follower for other website and blogs. 

Website owner thinks how to convert website visitors into followers, leads or customers. Conversion rate optimization in short known as CRO is a practice to increase website capacity to convert visitors into customers. CRO can be described as a systematic process of Content specific data gathering, problem finding, formulating the hypothesis, testing and proper implementation.

Increase Website conversion rate

A complete conversion rate leads to a great success for your website. The complete conversion is very difficult to achieve but you can follow my sorted and effective tips so that you can see your website from moderate to impressive.

You can achieve the task to convert your website traffic into Customer and followers by following my easy guide.

Conversion rate optimization
Conversion rate optimization

Data gathering – Be very specific about the topic. Use unique, particular and quality content for posting.

Find the problem – Find out where users are entering your website and where they are leaving the website. Keep up on what visitors exactly want and what they don’t.

Find hypothesis – Find out what are the problems with the website and find why it is failing. There may be different reasons for faint some of them are explained.

  • Load time – How long it takes to open, it should immediately open as this is the choice of people.
  • Browser accessibility – Browsers which support and which are not. If not? asset the solution, make it accessible.
  • Mobile friendliness – Make it responsive to different devices.
  • Page alignment – Page should properly align, it should consider following points
  1. Imagery: Image should be content descriptive and placed at a suitable place as it covers the complete content.
  2. Messaging: Align text properly do not mess it up.
  3. Interface design Makes design very clear and fair.
    Test – Test hypothesis of your website. Use different tools like Virtual Website Optimizer, Google Optimizer, Adobe Test and Target, Optimizely.
    As a designer, think what to test?
  4. Headline: Keep headline vivid, as it describes what will be the content. Be sure it is neither too short nor too long.
  5. Subheadline: Subheadings should be a short summary of the content.
  6. Images: Use quality and explanatory image.
  7. Forms: Make from simple stupid and if possible downsize. Don’t make people more selective.
  8. Button: Use simple, attractive colors and profound text. For example. your page is having a button for the demonstration you can use different text for button one I used is “instance demo” other one text it as “Play right now” etc. But once you analyze it you may find “Instance demo” sounds very good than “Play right now”.
increase Website conversion rate
increase Website conversion rate

Final words From Alicia: For me, if you really want to increase sales by making more customer then the soul thing is to have Quality product and Fast Customer service. It would play a vital role in increasing your customer or follower for your website.