Thursday, October 6, 2022

How to monitor AdSense ads reports and performance

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You’re not yet a full-blown blogger if you haven’t heard of Google AdSense. You’re not yet a legit website owner if you haven’t explored the potential of earning money from your site through advertisements.

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While it is your primary objective to provide relevant and quality content to your target audience online, there are many ways to maximise your presence and space on the Internet. One is to allow space for advertisers to place their ads with the corresponding cost-per-click. With every click on the ad, it works for the advertisers as their products/services reach their target market while you earn per click on the side.

How to Monitor Adsense Ads Report

Google AdSense had a performance tab already for the complete analysis of Ads and the work done on your account. But you can manage the Google Adsense publisher account to the ultimate extent after reading How to monitor Adsense ads reports and performance tutorials. So let’s start learning more about Adsense ads performance and reports.

Monitor Google AdSense Ads Report

Custom channels allow you to track the performance of specific groups of the ad and the Display Network and Ads tabs provide the statistics to help you evaluate your ad performance.

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