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Newspage ePaper Development Service

Newspage ePaper Development Service
Newspage ePaper Development Service

The best feature of ePaper is its responsive UI (user interface) for device-specific presentation layout. It boosts the user experience on all the devices— ranging from desktops, smartphones, tablets to all other devices.

ePaper gives a better feel and look than the standard papers. According to a report, the global ePaper market will expand at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 4 per cent during the period 2016-2020. That’s why many companies are or going to invest soon in ePaper display devices and technologies to make their reach across the globe in a manner preferred by today’s consumers.

The concept of e-paper, a data display that seems to be and works similar to a sheet of paper has been nearly for decades.

ePaper Publishing Features

  • Responsive UI (user interface) offers device specific presentation layout. This enhances the user experience on all the devices – smartphones, desktops and tablets
  • Rich media integration, such as audio, video, animation files, slideshows
  • Integrated hosting and domain mapping: users read your ePaper under your own URL – )
  • Automated Email alerts to Subscribers once a new edition is up
  • Rich analytics of digital edition
  • Search Engine friendly design
  • Integration with popular Social Media Services
  • Hosting of back issues
  • Free software upgrades
  • Banner Ad space to generate ad revenues
  • Integration of Free Registration / login process (for restricted access to the eEdition, if required, GEO based access authentication, IP based access Authentication)
  • Generate XML feeds for individual article / Image, page and edition.