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Delivering a digital edition of your newspaper is easy. But there’s more to your ePaper than simply bridging the gap between online and print. Once you realize the true digital potential offered by an ePaper solution, you might see that it’s not just a publishing channel, but a business in its own right.

Digital publishing provides a platform for constantly improving and testing new grounds. From customizing design and UX features, to increasing ad revenue and broadening your reader base by acting on data, the ePaper helps you get the absolute most of your digital edition.

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Do you want to embed your papers in a sparkling way on your website? It doesn’t matter how classy your papers are, your clients will not get excited if you embed a simple PDF on your website. A PDF also has to be downloaded every time in full before it will open!

With the Publizr electronic publishing software you can quickly turn your PDFs into sparkling e-Books that open directly. Your clients will love to share your papers via Facebook! New clients will also be reached because every single word in your online publications can be indexed by search engines, like Google. By adding links to your web shop, visitors of your e-Books will be converted to clientele. Self-publishing your PDF made easy! You can even create digital flip papers for FREE!

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