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Develop Android Image Quote App with Admob Earning

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We all would agree that there’s much money to be made by developing Android apps. There are thousands of apps on the PlayStore that provide lots of value for their downloaders and rake in thousands of dollars in profit for their developers.

The smartphone revolution has opened a significant channel for anybody to create a valuable app, reach the global audience and make money out of it. Although app development seems very lucrative at first, the biggest hurdle that keeps most of the people from developing own there apps is the technicalities involved in it.

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For a beginner with no technical background developing an Android app is a nightmare. One needs to learn to code, solve the errors, install many tools/software, do testing and deal with many other unforeseen issues.

In short, it’s a very very time-consuming process and might take several months to master. In this post, we are going to show you how to bypass the learning curve involved in app development and quickly build simple Android apps that will passively earn money for you.

However, before we get in the actual nitty-gritty, you must understand a few things below.

At the same time I started learning Phonegap/ Ionic. Its easy for Web developer because Its all about HTML/CSS/JS. (You can learn angular while learning Ionic automatically.)

So, quit the job and at the same time got An Idea, If you know Dream 11 – Fantasy Sports app. Its where you create your own team and participate in cash contest to win money.

And I had pretty good experience in how to play and win. So I created my own android app to give other dream 11 users free suggestions and teams/ news regarding Cricket / Football / Kabaddi Matches through my app.

Dream 11 has become so famous in India(+ 100% legal as you have to pay taxes to GOV when you win more than 10,000), that it has 1 Crore+ user base and growing.

Aasim Sheikh
Aasim Sheikh
CTO at SyncSaS Technologies

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