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2 ways to reset WordPress password when email access lost

What if, your email associated with your WordPress profile lost its access and at the same time you forget your WordPress password. What will you do now, simple read how to reset WordPress Password when email access is lost and gain your access easily?

Here we will learn 2 different methods to gain access to the profile, 1. Using WordPress Plugin & 2. Using Server and Database backend.

reset WordPress Password when email access lost

Recover WordPress password without email

So, you’ve forgotten your password as well as access to your email which is associated with your profile is lost. As the admin of the website, you have login access to your server and database, these are the requirements for resetting passwords using the backend method.

Recover Password Using WordPress Plugin

There are various plugins available on the WordPress platform, which can be used for many tasks. In those plugins, you can also get an SMS OTP verification plugin, which connects to your mobile and whenever you want to login website or reset the password, then an OTP comes on your mobile number for verification. We can also reset the password by using the miniOrange SMS OTP Verification plugin, so let’s use this plugin to reset the password without the email.

SMS OTP Password Reset WordPress Plugin
  1. Install Plugin

In the website dashboard move to the left panel there click on Plugins, that moving mouse click on Add Plugin button.

Add SMS OTP Verification Plugin

Now search ‘MiniOrange SMS OTP Verification’ and as result, you will get the desired plugin, click on Install.

mini orange SMS OTP Verification

2. Configure Plugin

Finally, the plugin is installed, we need to configure it so that password reset over OTP is enabled. Go to the AddOns tab, Select WordPress Password Reset Over OTP AddOn, and click on the Settings button.

WordPress Password Reset Over OTP

Enable the checkbox next to WordPress Password Reset using OTP. Select Enable Phone Verification for a password reset through the phone. Enter the Phone Meta Key. MetaKey is the key against which the additional value is stored in the user meta table.

WordPress Password Reset using OTP
Enable Phone Verification
Enter the Phone Meta Key

While enabling Phone verification, you can also opt for Use only Phone Number. Do not allow username or email to reset the password by enabling the checkbox.

Do not allow username or email to reset the password

Click on the Save Settings button.

3. Recover Password

Navigate to the WordPress Password reset page. Enter your registered Username/ Phone Number to get OTP on your mobile number and click on the Reset Password button.

Reset Password button

Enter the OTP received and click on Verify button.

Enter the OTP received

Create a new desired password accordingly and click on the Reset Password button, We can see the message displaying the password has been successfully changed. Here we had completed our task.

Recover Password Using Server & Database Backend

Every programmer working on WordPress know that the plugin uses resource from the server that’s why many of us don’t use the plugin, instead of it we code ourselves as per requirements. Similarly here we will use server and database backend to recover website passwords. Let’s start and learn with us, how to recover passwords using server & database backend. In this tutorial, we are taking digitalocean servers and adminer for database access.

  1. How to install Adminer on Server

Todo this you have to first open adminer database management website, there you will get the latest .php file. Click on that file and download it on your local system (Computer/laptop).

adminer database management

Now access your server using any FTP tool and upload this file to the root folder of the website. For example, If your website data is in the DELTA folder and URL is and your adminer file name is database.php. Then to access your database you have to use this link:

Upload adminer file in server
Database file upload

Now open the link where you have to enter the credential of the database, if you don’t know the credentials, then you can get it from a wp-config.php file, wp-config. php file is usually located in the root folder of your website with other folders like /wp-content/.

wp-config.php file credentials

Add server name, user name, password and database name, as shown below.

Adminer Login Dashboard

As the dashboard is open, move to the left panel. There you will get a table name with _user, open that table.

User table in Database

Here comes the main game, now click on the edit which is available in the left corner of the table. There you have to change the user_pass box. But before doing this you need to encrypt the passwords, for doing this you can use tools available online for this like WordPress Password Hash Generator.

WordPress Hash password

Copy Hash password and paste in user_pass column of user table in the database.

Add Hash password in User Table

Finally, click on the Save button and now go to the WordPress website login page. Use your username and new password to access the website, remember to change the email address whose access is lost.

Thanks, everyone to read how to reset WordPress Password when email access is lost, hope you understand everything which is explained in this article. If you have any doubt then comment below, we will reply as soon as possible.

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