Sunday, November 27, 2022

Budget School Management App

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School Assistant helps track all your school activities as well as allows you to communicate, about school assignments, timetables, lectures, class timing, exam results. The Operating System of your School, looking for a one-stop solution to manage your school administration, fees collection, academics, transport and communication.

Admission & Enrolment
Online admission and enrolment system, with admission fees collection system and integration with Student Information System.

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Fees Management
Comprehensive school fees scheduling and collection system with automatic due fees reminders and online payment gateway integration.

Communication Control
Configurable communication policies allow school management to facilitate and moderate communication flow between school staff and parents.

Student Security
Integrated school bus tracking and RFID based bus attendance system, ensures greater security of school students during transit.

School Branding
Usage of the latest software tools and school apps by parents and teachers cements the school’s tech-savvy image among the stakeholders.

Manage multiple school branches
Schools’ branches or franchisees can be configured, and managed in a single school online account, thereby giving better visibility of operations at a group level.

Aasim Sheikh
Aasim Sheikh
CTO at SyncSaS Technologies

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