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Easily Setup adsense page level ads in WordPress

Easily Setup adsense page level ads in WordPress
Setup adsense page level ads

In my last article called Setup Google Adsense page level ads, you had learned about the introduction of Page-Level ads by Google AdSense and how to create page-level ads type. But what about the WordPress user, how they will integrate Page-level ads code in the header that is <head> tag if they are not techie users. So in this tutorial, you will learn how to use Adsense page-level in WordPress websites.

Setup adsense page level ads

Although this sounds like a simplified solution and an easy way to further optimize your ads, it can result in issues for some publishers. Google has noted that due to the new change, this setup might not work correctly for publishers that implement the ad unit code dynamically through an ad server.

Enable Adsense page level ads

As illustrated in the above image of MY ADS of Google Adsense dashboard you can see 3 different downwards arrows indicating steps to create and enable AdSense page-level ads.

Step1. Click on page-level ads in the MY ADS tab.

Step2. Enable the status of Anchor/Overlay ads and Vignette ads.

Step3. Click on GET CODE, now it will generate the ad code copy that code and get ready to paste this code into your WordPress website.

Sign in WordPress Dashboard

Now login to the WordPress dashboard with your credential and follow the easy steps to get started with page-level ads for the WordPress website.

Step1. Click on Appearance >>Editor.

Step2. Now find the header.php file also known as the theme header file.

Setup Adsense page level ads

Step3. Now add your ad code in between head tags that are <head> Ad code </head>

That’s All, You are done with page-level ads in your WordPress website, For any help comment what help you want.