Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Develop Train Ticketing Android App

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Android and MySQL project on Railway Reservation System is an android-based project and we have developed this project in Android Studio, we can manage Train Route, Booking, Customer, Train, Ticket and Payment from this project. The main objective to develop an Android project on Railway Reservation System is to provide the android app for Railway Reservation System to customers, from where the user can use it from his mobile device. Android project on Railway Reservation System is compatible with all android mobiles. So, users can install and configure it on their mobile devices. If you have any specific requirements then We can develop major android projects on Railway Reservation System according to requirements.

In this project, there is various type of modules available to manage Train Route, Booking, Ticket. We can also generate reports for Booking, Train Route, Train, Payment. Here the Train Route module manages all the operations of Train Route, Booking module can manage Booking, Customer module is normally developed for managing Customer, Train module manages Train operations, Ticket module has been implemented to manage Ticket.

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